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People call Kim Kardashian "sick" weight loss "compliment"

People are not happy with Kim Kardashian West after she uploaded a series of clips to her Instagram story, in which her sisters Kendall Jenner and Khloe Kardashian tell her how thin she looks. In a video, Khloe Kim tells that she is "anorexic here" with respect to her waist. Although Kim's answer to Khloe is cut off in the video, she writes on the story clip "TELL ME MORE." Kim also asks Jenner: Tell her more "in a previous article about weight" compliments. "Khloe adds that Kim's arms are" pin-thin "and what her little finger is like, in connection with it: When eating disorders become a" contest "In another clip, Jenner says she is" really worried "because she does not believe Kim eats, and she is really skinny. Kim responds with a high "thank you." Although Jenner initially seems worried, she answers Kim with "of course." Related: 3 Ways I Get by Relapsing in the Recovery of the Eating Disorder More videos about Kim's weight were uploaded, one in which Jenner said Kim was as tiny as her little handbag holding her up, and people quickly called out Kim's videos on Twitter, reminding the celebrity that complimenting them is not You say you look as if you have anorexia, Kim Kardashian's story – "You look anorexic" is not a compliment.
"You look as if you would not eat" no compliment. Eating disorders are not glamorous or free, so let's stop treating them as such. – ♥ rach ♥ (@brachredrum) July 30, 2018 Related: People sign a petition to get this "dangerous" ad removed from Times Square Kendal: "No, I'm worried, I do not think you eat"
Kim: "What?"
Kendal: "How you look so thin!"
Kim: "Oh my God, thank you!"@ Kim Kardashian What sort of bullshit message this sends to your mostly young and female audience, especially after the Lolly ad. – elspeth (@ElspethOakley) July 29, 2018 I'm sick of the fact that Kim in this video says "oh the compliment" (regarding her sisters say she looks anorexic) as if an eating disorder might be a good thing. ESP, because my eating disorder was the furthest from good. – Chloe (@thechlodur) July 30, 2018 ,@ Kim Kardashian: When I was told that I was anorexic, I was anorexic. I hated myself. I hated my body. Unfortunately and inexplicably, there are people who look up to you and admire you. Please make it better for her. – Katie Sirles (@mister_quint) July 30, 2018 Hear @ Kim Kardashian . @ KendallJenner and @Khloe Kardashian use words like & # 39; anorexic & # 39; and & # 39; thin & # 39; as a compliment it makes me so sad and disappointed. You have little kids around you and millions of followers. Please do not influence and promote eating disorders! – Natalie Hollingworth (@NCHollingworth) July 30, 2018 "Anorexic" was used as a compliment in the videos, but Anorexia nervosa and other eating disorders are serious mental illnesses. Although eating disorders have high mortality rates, eating disorder hope makes anorexia the deadliest mental illness. Every fifth anorexia death is a suicide. Compliments like those in Kim's videos are often problematic, said Claire Mysko, CEO of the National Eating Disorders Association (NEDA) told Women's Health, adding: "We hear from many people." In fact, most people with eating disorders have too had experience in which they lost weight and were supplemented, and this serves as fuel for their eating disorder. It's tough in a culture where weight loss is praised and there is an assumption that weight loss is always a good thing. In the video, Kim also mentions how much she weighs, which violates media reporting guidelines for eating disorders. The praise or criticism of certain weights may be particularly important in people with eating disorders. (That's why we did not link to the video in which she discusses her weight.) One contributor to The Mighty, Beth Wainwright, said she was congratulated for losing weight in dealing with anorexia, but was able to see that her current Situation was not Someone to Strive for: History Continues My anorexic body is not one that can be validated to tell me that I do not need treatment, "she wrote," I know I do. "My attitude towards eating is incredibly unhealthy and I have to work with my therapist to reverse that. "My anorexic body is not one you should envy, the body that I will have in my recovery will be a body strong enough to hold me Another employee of The Mighty, Emily Mann, shared an experience she had had when she was a stranger A friend told her that she wished she was as "skinny as she" while pointing at Mann. "Your words have a much greater impact than you think." She wrote. "Ignorance is so prevalent in society in so many different ways, be compassionate, and do your best to understand other people." Kim has 114 million Followers on Instagram, many of whom are young girls. This is not the first time she has been asked for controversial content. In May, Kim came under fire for promoting appetite suppressant lollipops on Instagram. Read more stories like this on The Mighty: 7 Memories for those with body dysmorphic disorder struggling to assist people in eating disorder recovery What cleaning the toilet means for me in restoration of depression


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