People collapsed at the zoo because of a bleeding rabbit! The garden is defending

“At first glance, the rabbits look neglected, they have runny eyes and it’s not a matter of time. It can be seen that there is no veterinary care and that it is neglected by the zoo. The next day a young lady went there and took a picture of a rabbit with blood eyes, so I doubt about some care and treatment. It’s very sad, I have a rabbit myself and it bothers me a lot, “wrote Adriana B to the editorial staff.

However, the Olomouc Zoo rejected any mistake, and on Tuesday it published an extensive status on its Facebook page. “Yesterday evening, the nurses’ service found out that one of the rabbits in the exhibition enclosure had a minor eyelid injury. The injury was treated and no health problem was found in the animals during the subsequent morning inspection. Today, the Regional Veterinary Administration inspected it and recorded a report. we publish, “resists the garden of criticism.

“Rabbits are fed granules for rabbits, fresh vegetables, hard bread, hay, shelters with bedding, non-stop access to water. They are inspected 5 times a day and are under regular veterinary supervision,” the zoo continued.

But even these words did not reassure some of the outraged critics. Instead, they began posting photos of the allegedly miserable rabbits in the discussion under the status, and the zoo continues to burn.

Bleeding rabbit photographed by a visitor to the Olomouc Zoo:

“False statement, from today’s visit to your zoo, it is obvious that you are just lying and the rabbits are in trouble. You should take full responsibility for how they live there, admit that care is not adequate and arrange a full remedy. Photos do not lie and there is more than Obviously the bunnies are suffering, isn’t it really a shame to mist like you? ” Kateřina Kupcová ignited.

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“You may not know it, but the rabbit is not playable, it is a living being. If you cannot make sure that people do not maim them there, then cough it up and sow the grass there,” Ondra Tuháček added.

But there were also voices defended by the zoo. “If parents went with their children and taught them how to treat animals, they would probably not be in such a state. There should be supervision, that is a fact and inappropriate punishment by expulsion from the paddock,” Lenka Buryánková is clear.

Due to the storm that broke out over the rabbits, the zoo issued an additional statement on Wednesday, which it also sent to the newsroom. In it she repeated that the rabbits are well taken care of and are under regular supervision. The garden refused to take care of the ears worse than other, more exotic animals. He says he can’t afford it.

“Even in the wild, the rabbit faces a dusty environment, digs burrows, fights with another rabbit. It’s quite common. Rabbits kept in the zoo are in their indoor quarters for 15 hours a day, where visitors can’t get to them,” he tries. to calm the passions of the director of the zoo Radomír Habáň.

“It is not realistic for every enclosure of each animal to be supervised by qualified zoo staff and thus to replace the function of parents or accompanying children, who are responsible for them.



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