People: Conchita Wurst: "I have been HIV-positive for many years"

People: Conchita Wurst: "I have been HIV-positive for many years"

An ex-boyfriend is said to have blackmailed Conchita Wurst with making the HIV infection of the Austrian travesty artist public. The drag queen did not want to be able to offer that anymore.
Under the pressure of an alleged extortionist, Drag Queen Conchita Wurst has gone on the offensive and has made her infection with the HIV virus public.
On the platform Instagram posted the late of Sunday evening, the Austrian travesty artist and singer Thomas Neuwirth (29), who is behind the make-up of the successful artist: “I am HIV-positive for many years.” He makes this information public because an ex-boyfriend him threaten to spread this. “In the future, I will not give anyone the right to scare me and influence my life in such a way.” However, despite his HIV infection, he is doing well. First, “” had reported on the coming out.
The fictional character with evening dress and Vollbart won the Eurovision Song Contest in 2014 with the song “Rise Like A Phoenix”. Now Neuwirth continued to write, since the diagnosis he was in medical treatment “and for many years without interruption below the detection limit, thus not able to pass on the virus”. He added, “Coming out is better than being outed by others.”
In Austria the victory was at the ESC in Copenhagen a moment for eternity. The appearance of the then 25-year-old travesty artist from the Alpine Republic with long brunette hair, a cream-colored, ankle-length dress inspired the audience in the hall and 100 million at the TV screens. Austria won the ESC competition again for the first time since Udo Jürgens with a 52-point lead.
For Neuwirth, the break-up character of his song became part of the program for a few years: many of the country’s stages belonged to him, he was handed around internationally, was at fashion shows in Paris asked and always proclaimed his message of peace, justice and tolerance.
For two or three years, the hype about Conchita continued. Meanwhile, it has become much quieter around the drag queen, who advertised as the last advertising icon for Viennese shopping streets.
He hopes to encourage and take another step against the stigmatization of people who have become infected with HIV through their own behavior or through no fault of their own, Wurst wrote. In any case, with this publication he “freed himself of a sword of Damocles” for the rest of my life – even if this private information was actually irrelevant to the public.
So far, he had not gone public to spare his family the attendant attention. Even his friends have known for some time “and deal with an impartiality that I would like to each and every one affected”. Moreover, it is “information that, in my opinion, is mainly relevant to those people with whom sexual contact is an option”.
“Here someone deals self-confidently with HIV, does not make himself small and can not be determined by others. This can, of course, encourage people, “said the German AIDS Help to the case Conchita. The fear of extortion also shows, “that we are far from the goal of a natural course without discrimination. Conchita Wurst will certainly be a powerful voice for this goal in the future, “said spokesman Holger Wicht. Around 88,000 people live with AIDS in Germany alone, according to Aids help.
With early treatment and the regular intake of medication, the proliferation of HI viruses in the body can be prevented. After a while, they are no longer detectable and could no longer be passed on. “This news is unfortunately still too unknown,” said Wicht.

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