Despite all temptations: Mark Walberg has stood firm. For his new movie "Mile 22" the actor has gone through a tough program.
Hollywood actor Mark Wahlberg has been dieting for months for the thriller "Mile 22". The action scenes were not a problem for him, said the 47-year-old the "South Courier". "What was the real challenge for me was my weight."
      Because director Peter Berg wanted him "thinner and more trained". Wahlberg: "So I was on a strict diet for five months and did not drink alcohol. During the filming Pete wanted to persuade me constantly to wine and food. But even in the last few meters, I have stood firm. "He does not hit the strings anyway, since he was a father. "You have to grow up, right?"
      In "Mile 22" (theatrical release: September 13), Wahlberg has to escort an informant as a super-agent – defeating some of Asia's toughest killers.


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