In nature, octopuses live only in waters full of salt. But that does not mean that they themselves are salt. Tubmlr users have shared healthy stories about these soft creatures, and as many as 790,000 people have enjoyed their thread on the social platform so far. The love of the octopus is spreading and you will also fall for it if you read the lyrics too. However, it is worth mentioning that although most researchers know a lot about the natural habitat of the octopus and do their utmost to recreate it for a great environment, observing it in a controlled environment is extremely difficult. New institutions change their behavior too much to be credible. And despite how cool they are, you should not have an octopus as a pet. They already have a very short life span and imprisonment can cause nervous system problems for them. It also emphasizes them, they often stop eating. Now that we've got that out of the way, scroll down and enjoy the stories!

Image credits: Bernard DUPONT

Many people quickly fell in love with these geniuses


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