People walking backwards at midnight alarm in Bogotá – Bogotá

There is concern among the inhabitants of the Catalina neighborhood, second sector of the Kennedy town, in Bogotá, by a man and a woman, dressed in black, who they walk backwards through the streets of the sector, just at midnight.

Neighbors consider it to be some kind of satanic ritual O witchcraft, related to the month of October, so that during the day they sprinkle holy water on the places where the couple passed.

At the moment there is no explanation for the strange behavior of the individuals. ‘Noticias Caracol’ tried to talk to people, but it was not possible. However, the residents of the neighborhood assured the channel that they have been witnessing this strange behavior since October 1.

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Some witnesses to the events that were passing through the area, to the southwest of Bogotá, pointed out that, although they do not go out every night, when they do, the individuals walk in the middle of the street, they are holding hands and, apparently, they are saying something at low volume.

One of the interviewees by the aforementioned media stressed that in the years she has been living in the neighborhood, she had never seen anything like it.

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The truth is that people are scared and, those who pass near the couple, say they feel a strange energy when they see them, because, among other things, they do not understand how they go up platforms and not fall when walking.

The authorities have not commented on the issue.

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