People’s anger poured down on Gabi Tóth after they humiliated a contestant in Sztárban stár leszek

Majka and Gabi Tóth humiliated a beautified competitor on stage in such a way that the spectators were outraged.

Most people seem to forget that I’ll Be a Star is all about: the singers strip off their individuality, then transform into a completely different character and try to perform as best as they can the song they’ve chosen or the one they’re drawn to in the live show. them. However, there are very few applicants in the selection who try to bring not only the artist’s song, but also the artist himself to the stage. Many people just like to show off their singing skills, which is often accompanied by a good-sounding and moving background story.

So the masters don’t have an easy job, because it’s no use if someone has a good voice, if it turns out later that they can’t sing a Lady Gaga note at all, if they can’t imitate the singer in any way and can’t portray the singer. However, from time to time there are also competitors who pay attention to the perfect performance in every respect. Zsolt Aradi arrived at the TV2 headquarters as a tough rocker on the last selection of Sztárban szársez, and then came on stage dressed as Pocahontas.

The sight of the man dressed as a woman shocked Majka so much that at first she wanted to leave the studio, but in the end she stayed and gave the seemingly eccentric competitor a chance. Zsolt then completely impressed the masters, Gabi Tóth sang the well-known theme song of Pocahontas together with the rocker man.

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Masters are not stingy with words of praise when they are impressed by a competitor’s production, but they also give their honest opinion when someone has no talent at all. However, sometimes they tend to go overboard and it happens that they publicly trample on someone’s soul or humiliate the applicant. We saw an example of the latter in Sunday’s broadcast: 24-year-old Dorina Pánczél prepared for the selection with a Mariah Carey song, but it was clear from the beginning that she was not a confident contestant.

Dorina entered the stage with makeup, then when she started to sing, the masters smiled at the dewy production. Majka and Gabi Tóth then couldn’t resist going on stage and taking over: Gabi grabbed the microphone from the contestant’s hand and started singing the song instead, and Majka took Dorina to slow down, whose face showed that he didn’t really understand it and felt very uncomfortable in that situation. In the end, Gabi led the contestant out during the song, and then the masters gave her a shovel by evaluating Dorina as if she was still standing in front of them on the stage.

Of course, the end of the production was already uploaded to TV2 Play in such a way that “he came off the stage while singing and did not listen to the jury’s evaluation”, but anyone who saw the broadcast knows exactly that this was not the case. After the humiliating scene, enormous public anger was unleashed on the masters, there is a huge indignation on the show’s social media page. According to many, the Majkás are behaving rudely with some contestants, and this jury team should be replaced.

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