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Pep Guardiola tells Man City players how many points they need to win the title

Pep Guardiola watched the breeze of Manchester City by Amen Corner in the title race – and relaxed as he saw Tiger Woods on the bus home.

Instead of stumbling into a Sunday burning trap at Selhurst Park, Raheem held up Sterling on the fairway with two gates of the city.

And Guardiola, content with the knowledge that the title was still in the hands of City, announced that he wanted to keep an eye on Liverpool's title-mates – "and with Tiger in the Masters."

The city put all the pressure on the Kop with a sure indication to avenge their shock defeat against Palace in the Etihad.

Guardiola said: "I'm so happy that the Premier League is still in our hands after all those games.

The manager has adjusted to Tiger – not to the title race

"First we have Brighton in the FA Cup, then three days later a Champions League game, now here – no fresh legs, but for 75-80 minutes we were so good.

"We have to win every game if we want to win titles in a row, we know that and the players have shown that they want it. No doubt.

"For the last month in the Premier League, we know it would be almost impossible – possible, but very difficult – if we lose points.

"But we played in all matches, including the Champions League, with an incredible personality. We've collected 183 points in two seasons and there are still five games – these are incredible numbers that show how consistent we are. "

Raheem Sterling was in the Double

English winger Raheem Sterling recovered from a blatant early break and scored two goals. He scored 27 goals for club and country this season.

Guardiola added: "In football, the most important action is always the next one. If you miss, you have to overcome it and finish the next chance.

"Kevin (De Bruyne)'s pass for our first goal was outstanding, but the goal was incredible.

"The second goal was also more complicated than the one he missed, but for the next chance you have to be mentally stable – it was him and helped us win the game."

Manchester City retired to the top again – at least for a few hours

Guardiola got close together with Benjamin Mendy in the Crystal Palace

The city now faces Tottenham twice in four straight days – at home in the quarter-final second leg of the Champions League and on Saturday in the Premier League.

A 1-0 win over Spurs gave them a 1-0 win, but Sterling shrugged. "We lost a game but we knew we had to recover immediately.

"We knew from earlier that it is a difficult place. We kept pushing, making it difficult, and we were happy to reach the third goal. "

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