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Pep: Inland heights "more difficult" than Champions League

Release date: Sunday, May 19, 2019, 8:51 am

pep Guardiola Manchester City's historic international match is considered a greater success than winning the Champions League.

City beaten Watford 6-0 Win the FA Cup at Wembley and finish an unprecedented trio of trophies in a ruthless style.

Guardiola had a four-target, but City was eliminated by Tottenham from the quarter-finals of the Champions League.

But with the FA Cup in the pocket next to the Premier League and the Carabao Cup, Boss Guardiola believes City's consistency in winning 50 record-breaking games in one season has more weight than they conquered Europe.

"It's one of the best seasons I've experienced as a manager," said Guardiola. "I would not say the best, but certainly one of the best.

"Whoever wins first three times, will repeat it sooner or later if a team can.

"But we were the first, and that means constancy every day for 10 months.

"I love the Champions League, but to do that is more difficult than winning the Champions League."


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