Pepe Aguilar sentences that his daughter Angela "still can not" have a boyfriend


Mexico City.- Although on previous occasions he has already spoken about it with the characteristic zeal and protection of every father, recently Pepe Aguilar has definitively ruled that his daughter, Ángela Aguilar, can not have a boyfriend at this moment. The 15-year-old singer is one of the youth voices with the greatest potential in the Mexican regional and Latin music, proof of this are the two Latin Grammy nominations she had at the 2018 edition of the Latin American Academy gala. Recording.
Despite the great satisfaction that her artistic career has brought her up to now, it is precisely her commitment to music and her promising career that her father takes as an argument to ensure that for now she can not have a boyfriend.
 Respect her, respect herself and suddenly a boyfriend is normal, but still can not … At least officially can not, her boyfriend is his career, "said Pepe Aguilar in an interview with the 'Ventaneando' program.

With great confidence and pride in her daughter's talent, Pepe hopes that at the moment she will focus on continuing the brilliant career that now the young woman builds with her voice and interpretation, leaving aside the possibility of a romance. Themes
Pepe Aguilar
Angela Aguilar
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