Pepe de Olegario, the fisherman who located more than a thousand shipwrecks on the feared Costa de la Muerte in Galicia

  • Raquel Cintra Pryzant
  • From Sao Paulo to BBC News Brazil

March 25, 2023

image source, Raquel Cintra Pryzant


Pepe de Olegario documented the tragedies on the Costa da Morte for four decades.

Rugged and treacherous: this is the Death Coast (Costa da Morte in Galician), the scene of countless shipwrecks reconstructed, years later, by a fisherman in northwestern Spain.

Before the GPS system became popular, this fisherman born in 1941 in Sardiñeiro, on the Galician coast, found more than a thousand remains of boats at the bottom of the ocean.

Jose Lopez Redonda, better known as Pepe de Olegariois a living legend for Galicians who live near the sea.

“After 40 years at sea and more than a thousand shipwrecks, I still have ships to find,” he explained to BBC Brasil.