Pepe Viyuela to Perform “River of Poetry” with Baritone Luis Santana and Pianist Francis Blanco at Lloseta Theater

the popular actor Pepe Viyuela the recital will go on stage river of poetry on June 9 at the Lloseta Theater next to the baritone Luis Santana and the pianist Francis Blanco. He contested the elections with the Independent Left in the Madrid town where he lives, San Sebastián de los Reyes, and opted for Íñigo Errejón six years ago.

Has the electoral result taken away the desire to laugh?

Not at all. When you don’t like something too much, it’s a good idea to respond with good spirits and a dose of sense of humor to try to get over the situation and experience it in the best possible way. Pulling on your sense of humor is a way of being flexible, leaning your shoulders, and coping much better with frustration and sadness, which often lead to action fraught with bitterness or direct inaction.

Does the left have time to unite for 23J?

I think so and it is certainly desirable. Disunity drags the left historically and that has always caused confusion and grief. It is more advisable to fix the small differences and walk together. It is good that there are different points of view, since they enrich politics, but when you see that things get worse separately, common sense says that you have to reach an immediate agreement and go to the elections together.

What do you think of Pedro Sánchez’s unexpected advance?

Despite the fact that there has not been time to analyze and reflect on it, it seems that the hasty electoral call has to do with taking advantage of the impact of the blow, when you have your knee on the canvas and you get up as soon as possible to show that you still have capacity of reaction. Now left-wing voters are scared and this ad can encourage them to say “I’m not going to fail on 23J.” It invites voters and those with political responsibility on the left to act. It seems to me a good decision and a very healthy gesture when thinking: “If they do not want us to continue, let the citizens decide as soon as possible.”

How will Vox’s widespread entry into institutions affect culture?

It would be very bold of me to say that it will go fatal. Hopefully not, but we have to wait and see what decisions they make. They are already in several autonomies and the situation is not rosy, although a margin of confidence must be left.

In radio drama he starred Brian’s life, which returns to the present day because they proposed removing Loretta’s scene in its theatrical adaptation in London. Are you afraid of what will happen here?

The ideological involution towards conservatism is spreading across many countries and when you see your neighbor’s beard cut, you know. The politically correct speech so as not to hurt anyone’s sensibilities when humor is made, or without it, is censorship. If you are afraid of what you want to say in case it bothers someone, you end up sweetening the message and there is no point in starting to create. Freedom of expression is the most important thing. It must be defended every day at all hours, wherever the attack comes from.

“In My Sauce”

river of poetry combines his two passions, humor and poems. Is it the perfect show?

I am in my sauce. The idea arose from a demand from the public, since in the poetry and music recitals he did with Luis Santana, the audience laughed a lot at the humorous poems and asked for more. We look for others and, although there is much to discover, we find funny poems on a variety of themes. Poetry is usually associated with something academic, serious, elevated, but the elevation produced by humor also suits it very well.

Mediterranean and the other songs are not humorous.

Some, like this one, are a nod to the places we visit. In addition, it has a beautiful poetic component and can even cause a smile. Also others, that can awaken a nostalgic smile, in love…

There is a poem dedicated to farts, how much fun they are for children. We adults blush.

That is why it is very good to talk about them and tell what happens to everyone. The poem is by Quevedo. We like to demystify the idea that poetry only deals with very high issues, such as love, and tragic ones, such as illness and death.

Whenever he can, he returns to the clown who made him known. What does this humor teach us?

He has always been with me, not only because he is a character with whom I have fun and I want people to enjoy as I do, but also because he helps me reflect. His figure contains a great philosophy. He is part of the world of ingenuity, of vulnerability, he somehow represents the excluded, the different. They are quirky in dress and actions, often do not know how to speak well, lack the intelligence that we apparently value; and they do not stop failing, although they do not hide it, quite the opposite, since people have fun with it and they turn it into a party. That is having a sense of humor, getting back up, being able to start again with energy despite the circumstances. I am human, I make mistakes, mistakes are part of my life and they will surely help me learn and grow.

Pepe Viyuela in the play ‘Encerrona’ Alex Nieves

He is a versatile actor, but humor is where he feels most comfortable. What do the other genres bring you?

Variety. Actors have always been characterized by transhumance, geographical for representations and internal or psychological, related to the characters you play. They allow you to take a journey because you go from being you to being Hamlet, Napoleon or whoever falls into your hands. You have to put yourself in his situation, understand him and, of course, defend him to the end, even if it has nothing to do with you or your ideas. It is an emotional journey that motivates us a lot, especially if they are different characters. They give me the feeling of mobility, they remove the dust that might fall on me if I am always in the same interpretive place.

Also more empathy?

Of course. You learn not to dogmatize, you understand that there are several points of view regarding any subject as respectable as yours, and you become more open to those who do not share the same thing as you.

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