Per Gunnar Evander: – Swedish author is dead

The Swedish author Per Gunnar Evander is dead. It reports Swedish Radio, which has had the death confirmed by the family.

The author was 89 years old.

Evander made his debut as early as 1965, and has written over 30 books. In addition, he wrote plays, audio plays and scripts for several films.

His latest book, “In My Youth, I Often Reflected,” came out in 2005.

Lost his second son

In 1969 he received the Swedish Dagbladet’s literature prize, and in 1975 he received the Litteraturfrämjandet’s major novel prize.

Evander is one of those in the Swedish public who has been a guest host for “Sommarprat i P1” most times – with his 14 seasons. The last time was in 1999.

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