Percy Minaya: “All indicators suggest that we are already in the course of a third wave”

This morning, in dialogue with News Expansion, former Deputy Health Minister Percy Minaya was asked about the warning from the Ministry of Health on the rise in COVID-19 cases in the last three weeks. In this regard, the specialist indicated that despite the accelerated rate of vaccination, cases are on the rise.

“All the indicators suggest that we are already in the course of that third wave. The cases have been increasing approximately five weeks ago, from five to six weeks ago, and progressively we see that the cams UCI they get busy. The minister pointed out that 60% of the cams UCI they are busy and that there is also an increase in the rate of positivity of the cases and that can be found in the indicators that the country is showing ”, he mentioned.

Along these lines, he added that Peru is responsible for learning from the European experience, where in some countries the vaccination rate it is close to 90% but, even so, they continue in a “fragile” situation

“Half of the cases worldwide are concentrating in Europe, including the high levels of vaccination coverage that they have from 12 years of age. Here we have to know that, on the one hand, the epidemic will always be active, especially in unvaccinated populations, but that is where we have to place the greatest emphasis and on individual protection measures, “he said.


Regarding the advancement of vaccination against COVID-19 in the country, Minaya stressed that this is being carried out at a good pace but not intensive enough as would be expected.

“We must make an effort to close these gaps and especially focus on the population that received a first dose or none and who will be affected as this level of infections progresses,” he mentioned.

Increased virus in wastewater

Regarding the increase in the presence of the virus in wastewater, the former vice minister pointed out that this is an indicator that shows where it is found with greater intensity, such as in the plant of Stone bridge.

“It precisely coincides with the districts of Carabayllo, Los Olivos, My Peru. It is not a viable virus, what we have are DNA samples, that is, once the virus that goes through the excreta or any fluid that we deposit in the water is eliminated and goes down the drain, it reaches these plants “, he commented .


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