Perfect career finale for Nicol Ruprecht –

27. June 2021

Nicol Ruprecht officially and “appropriately” ended her long career in top sport on Sunday, June 27th, 2021: The 28-year-old Tyrolean won all four individual equipment finals of the state championship in rhythmic gymnastics in Innsbruck. Coupled with her all-around victory on Saturday, Ruprecht has remained unbeaten in Austria for nine years since 2013. Valentina Domenig-Ozimic (St) secured four silver medals at the USI Innsbruck. Julia Meder (St) won bronze three times, Florentina Marchart (W) once.

As at the European Championships two weeks before, Nicol Ruprecht received a standing ovation from the judges after her last freestyle – only very few exceptional cases manage to do that. The audience in the (according to Corona regulations) fully booked USI sports hall joined in enthusiastically.

In the eternal Austrian state championship rankings, Nicol Ruprecht ranks second, just behind Caroline Weber, with 53 gold medals won. This had won a total of 55 times from 2003 to 2012. Caro Weber traveled to Innsbruck especially for the final appearance of her successor to dominance: “In the end, the statistics are not that important. It seems more important to me how much a successful gymnast contributes to the further development of the sport. Nici’s input is tremendous here. “

At the state championship in 2021, Nicol Ruprecht impressed for the last time with everything that distinguishes a “world class gymnast” (the exceptional figure had already received this official title from the FIG World Gymnastics Federation in 2016): elegance, artistry, precision, incredible body control, excellent equipment technology and musical feeling – as well as all of this paired with an immense “stage” presence.

The final decision was followed by an official farewell gala. Together, the RG scene and the audience remembered a 20-year sports career very emotionally. There were shows, a photo trip, thanks and appreciation from the sports organizations and sports politics. The choreographed hand-held device handover by Nicol Ruprecht to the best local young athletes (“Time To Say Goodbye”) and a tribute from the national team: parts of each individual freestyle including music from the career of Nicol Ruprecht were recalled .

Nicol Ruprecht finally took her narrow non-qualification for the Olympic Games in Tokyo with ease: “In the end, it’s just another competition. But sport as a whole has shaped my life, shaped me into the person I am now. ”ÖFT President Prof. Friedrich Manseder concluded the gala:“ Nicol represented us at the top international level for over a decade. She is one of the most worthy representatives of rhythmic gymnastics there is. Because of its elegance, it has a large fan base worldwide. All the best for your future.”

Device final medal winners of the RG State Championship 2021:

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  • ÖStM tires: 1. Nicol Ruprecht (VRG Wörgl, 23.850), 2. Valentina Domenig-Ozimic (General Gymnastics Club Graz, 20,500), 3rd Julia Meder (General Gymnastics Club Graz, 16,750)
  • ÖStM Ball: 1. Nicol Ruprecht (23,900), 2.Valentina Domenig-Ozimic (20,600), 3. Julia Meder (17,250)
  • ÖStM Cologne: 1. Nicol Ruprecht (23,200), 2. Valentina Domenig-Ozimic (18,950), 3. Julia Meder (17,700)
  • ÖStM Band: 1. Nicol Ruprecht (19.650), 2. Valentina Domenig-Ozimic (15.750), 3. Florentina Marchart (Sportunion West-Wien, 12.200)


  • ÖM Ball: 1. Arina Mironskaya (Turnverein Wien-Mariahilf, 17.100), 2. Julie Neumann (ATUS Korneuburg, 15.250), 3. Antonia Herold (Gymnastik-Union Graz, 15.150)
  • ABOUT Cologne: 1. Arina Mironskaya (17.200), 2. Angelika Matysek (Sportunion West-Wien, 17.050), 3. Antonia Herold (16.150)
  • ÖM Band: 1. Alina Mironskaya (15.100), 2. Xenia Belshi (ATV Wr. Neustadt, 13.300), 3. Adriana Fabiani (TSV Unity Vienna, 13.100)