Performa Marketing welcomes Armando Gomez

Marketing Performance strengthens its team of strategists by recruiting Armando Gomez as vice-president strategy (business development, operations and innovations) at Performance. He has over 20 years of experience as a sales and marketing professional, the last of which has taken him to leadership roles (NeuroTracker, A skMen, BrandFusion Studios). Armando has distinguished itself by its contribution in the development of award-winning advertising campaigns, including Unilever, Diageo, Sony Pictures, Porsche, P&G, GM, Ubisoft, Pepsi.

«Armando is timely in the growth of Performance who celebrated his 10th birthday last year. Thanks to its 360 degree business experience, Armando will allow us to assess clients’ growth potential and their business challenges. In addition, he is passionate about the sectors targeted by Performance, including real estate (he even owns several rental buildings), education, technologies, health and hotels ”, reveals Annie Verrier, founder and president of Performance.

As for Armando Gomez, it is with great motivation that he joins the team: “It is a real pleasure to join the close-knit team of Performance, to contribute to the strategies and to the optimization of operations. Motivated by results, I want to optimize each point of contact and improve the CX customer experience. ”

It was in 2000 that he officially joined as a senior executive at the emerging company AskMen and held various positions there, including editor, senior director of advertising and vice president of monetization. There, he developed an integrated sales strategy to offer scalable videos, branding and performance marketing. With a focus on generating new sources of income, he has developed turnkey content marketing strategies. These contributions enabled the company to join the ranks of IGN Entertainment, which at the time was part of the Fortune 500 company, News Corporation.

Subsequently, he launched BrandFusion Studios where he led his team towards conceptualizing immersive advertising propositions and integrating branded content, original video programming and turnkey offline activities.

Quick questions

  1. As a child, he dreamed of becoming… a guitarist.
  2. Few people know that he loves… flamenco music.
  3. On a desert island, he would take… a dirty gin martini with three olives.
  4. His secret talent is… being able to make prosciutto and chorizo.
  5. His favorite childhood games are… the original Nintendo and the Punch-Out game.
  6. When he retires, he dreams… never to retire.

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