Perm scientists have completed testing a new anti-inflammatory drug

Perm scientists have completed testing a new anti-inflammatory drug

Austrian scientists found that the memory of sexually active elderly people is stronger than those of peers who do not live sexually. The findings were made after studying the data on the intimate contacts of six thousand people aged 50 years. Experts specify that sex itself does not improve memory, but it helps to maintain it at a high level. In the study, the researchers questioned participants about whether they have a regular sexual partner and sexual contacts, as well as other factors such as watching TV, diet, smoking, drinking, sleeping and physical activity. Then the volunteers passed a memory test: they had to memorize ten words, and then reproduce them. The survey and testing were repeated after two years. Between the two stages of the scientific experiment the memory quality has significantly decreased. The fall in the indicator was not related to the frequency of sex, but it had a positive effect on brain function. In the results of the study it is noted that many factors of the environment and activity influence the prophylaxis of dementia. For example, women in their yoga classes have a more dense thickness of the perforated crust.

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