Pernigotti, another 12 months of layoffs – Piedmont

An opening for a new course for the historic chocolate company ‘Pernigotti 1860’ in Novi Ligure (Alessandria). In fact, the good and expected news of more has arrived 12 months of continuous extraordinary layoffsextension of the one that expired on June 30 for reorganization, after the videoconference meeting attended by the Ministry of Labor, Mise, trade unions, the Piedmont and Lombardy Region, the American financial company Jp Morgan, representatives of Walcor of Cremona.

The unions are also satisfied with the relaunch plan by the new owner“which should – they report – guarantee new investments and the recovery of production, starting with the Christmas one. In addition to a return of the brand and products on the market, thanks also to an adequate advertising campaign”.

A breath of fresh air for the fifty or so workers left, after the crisis that broke out at the end of 2018 with the property of the Turkish Toksoz brothers. Followed by months of permanent assembly, strikes, demonstrations in the city and in Rome.

“Having coverage of the social safety nets is certainly important – commented the former mayor Rocchino Muliere, who as administrator continued to follow the story -. But now we are waiting to see if the definitive agreement with Jp Morgan will materialize, but above all which is really the industrial plan. The fundamental concern is in fact for the continuation of production in Novi Ligure. I would not want this acquisition of the Pernigotti brand to end with a transfer to other places and sites. Pernigotti is Novi, Novi is Pernigotti. Pernigotti does not exist. with products made in Cremona or elsewhere “.

Piero Frescucci, rsu Uila Uil, hopes for a future also for his place and his colleagues. “It will start again on October 1st. Finally there are some dates”. In mid-July ‘Pasentis Holding’ (owner of the Pernigotti company) signed a preliminary contract for the sale of the entire share package with Lynstone Ssf Iie (vehicle company owned by the JP Morgan Group). At the end of August a prospective industrial plan was illustrated and the closing of the operation is expected by the end of September. Jp Morgan is therefore the last in chronological order of the many negotiations initiated by the Toksoz and often not concluded, but this time the ending seems to be decidedly different.

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“We will continue to monitor that everything is proceeding as promised and quickly”, assures Raffaele Benedetto (Flai Cgil Alessandria). “We are confident that the closing, expected by 30 September, which will sanction the final moment of the acquisition, represents a definitive turning point for this story that has been dragging on for years – remarks Tiziano Crocco (Uila Uil) -. The Novi plant is back in business as soon as possible, as indicated in the plan presented, restoring to the workers the occupational and productive continuity they have been waiting for for some time “.