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Pernilla Wahlgren: – Speaks about the drama:

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Swedish reality star Pernilla Wahlgren (53) is currently enjoying lazy days in her summer house in Marbella on the Spanish sunny coast. In recent weeks, she has kept her over 600,000 Instagram followers updated with inviting photos from the popular resort town.

Recently, the “Wahlgren’s world” profile was also joined by his new girlfriend, Christian Bauer (55). Her house on Lidingö outside Stockholm has now been empty for almost a month, and recently an uninvited guest entered the home.

Showing off the new girlfriend

The 53-year-old tells about the break-in in the latest episode of the podcast “Wahlgren & Wistam”, which she has with her friend Sofia Wistam (55).

– Unfortunately, a boring thing has happened at home in Sweden while I have been here, which is very sick. I was called in the middle of the night by Securitas who said there was a burglary at home. They see on camera that he is still in the house, says the singer in the podcast, according to Hänt.

– The alarm went off as soon as he came in, and the police and guards were there quickly. I have cameras everywhere, so I have seen it, she adds.

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– Very boring

Wahlgren reveals that she does not own as many valuable items that are attractive to steal. Through a long life in the spotlight, she has nevertheless collected many things with great affection value and which can not be replaced.

Now the “Melodifestivalen” artist fears that she will never see her things again. Among other things, the cheeky thief took with him several objects from the 53-year-old’s pop career.

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– Do you know what he took? All my gold plates. I had three gold plates on one wall, and one plate on another. I think there were four gold records, and those are memories, she says in despair in the podcast.

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Summer sales: Bargain at home and interior

The two friends further say that they do not believe that the stolen goods will be recovered. However, Wahlgren concludes with an invitation to the listeners:

Therefore, they do not meet

Therefore, they do not meet

– It is of course very boring, because there are memories that you can not get back. But then you know, all fans, that if my gold records are sold on Tradera or Blocket (Sweden’s answer to Finn.no, journ.anm.), It’s not me.

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Showed off the girlfriend

Burglary notwithstanding – Pernilla Wahlgren has many other reasons to smile during the day. The reality star enjoys the lazy life in her own villa “Casa Rosa” in Marbella, and not long ago she was visited by her boyfriend Christian Bauer.

She confirmed the relationship to Aftonbladet in May.

– I can confirm that, she wrote in a text message – followed by a red heart.

Showing off the new girlfriend

Showing off the new girlfriend

At the same time, she revealed that the chosen one was Christian Bauer from Åkersberga, north of Stockholm. The “Wahlgren’s World” star shared mysterious photos of the new flame on Instagram for several months, but she was careful not to show his face.

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She did this for the first time on the occasion of the midsummer celebration in Sweden at the end of June. In the picture, the couple in love smiled nicely at the camera. Wahlgren wore a colorful flower wreath on his head, which is typical of the Swedish holiday.

“Best midsummer,” the reality star wrote under the photo.

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According to Expressen, Bauer works as a sales manager in the company Lewa and takes assignments as a model alongside, in addition to advertising jobs for mortgages and workwear.

Wahlgren has been single for many years. Her previous relationship was with Joachim Lennholm. The couple found love in 2002, and had their son Theo (14) together. Six years later, the relationship ended.

However, the artist is best known for his marriage to Emilio Ingrosso (56). They met during the Melodifestivalen in 1985, and quickly became one of Sweden’s hottest couples.

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