«Peronism» in Argentina .. Do you lead the country to clash with America?

Argentina's left-line is a historic victory in the country's presidential election, after leftist candidate Alberto Fernandez defeated outgoing President Mauricio Macri, a member of the country's Liberals camp, in Sunday's election.

Thus, the Socialists have returned to the forefront of the scene in the land of silver, located on the continent of South America, in a region where the United States hostile to the socialist approach, which it has sought to nurture since the Cold War era with the former Soviet Union.

The United States exchanges hostility with Venezuela, Bolivia, Cuba and Nicaragua in the Americas, and Washington makes no secret of its desire to remove socialist regimes from these countries, especially in Venezuela, where President Nicolas Maduro is the successor to Hugo Chavez, the leader who fought against what he called imperialism. American.

The Argentine president-elect was prime minister during the era of former Argentine President Cristina Kirchner, who had very good relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, which makes the victory of Alberto Fernandez welcome in Russia, unlike the situation in the United States, even if not announced.

Peronism in Argentina

The newly elected president is an extension of the Peronists' camp in the country, a group that rejects neoliberal politics and belong to the leftist camp.

Peronism is a left-wing Argentine ideology linked to the policy of former President Juan Peron, who ruled Argentina for nearly 10 years between two presidential periods and founded a system of government facing capitalist liberalism.

Juan Perón presided over Argentina between 1946 and 1955, and was overthrown by a military coup in June 1955, led by the navy fleet led by General Eduardo Leonardi, following a revolution against the deterioration of the political and economic conditions in the country.

Peron then fled to Paraguay, and then to Spain, which made him self-exile, and stayed there for eighteen years until he returned to run again for the presidency in 1973, and wins and remains in office for one year, after he passed away in 1974.

The Peronists, who follow the Juan Peron curriculum, adopt leftist ideological policies that reject neoliberalism and consider alternative to it, which could open the door to a hidden clash with the United States in the coming period, with Mauricio Macri's departure from power and leftist Alberto Fernandez holding the reins.

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