Perpetrators of Burning Weeds on the Pejagan-Pemalang Toll Road are Threatened with Criminal

Kombes Pol Iqbal Alqudusy, Head of Public Relations of the Central Java Police, said that the perpetrators who triggered the weed fire along the Km 253 section of the Pejagan-Pemalang Toll Road in the Brebes Regency area on Sunday (18/9/2022), resulting in multiple accidents, could be punished.

“It’s in the Criminal Code, because it accidentally caused someone to die,” said Iqbal, in Semarang, Tuesday (20/9/2022) quoting Between.

Until now, he said, investigators have not yet named a suspect in a series of accidents involving dozens of vehicles.

According to him, investigators from the Brebes Police are still working with the support of the Central Java Police.

Previously, 13 vehicles were involved in a series of accidents at Km 253 of the Pejagan-Pemalang Toll Road.

One person died and dozens of others were injured in an accident triggered by thick smoke from burning weeds on the side of the toll road.

Police said the thick smoke forced motorists to reduce speed due to limited visibility, resulting in multiple collisions.

The forensic laboratory team and the criminal investigation unit were dispatched to investigate the case. (ant/dfn/ipg)