Perry Mason on Sky Atlantic from September 11, the HBO remake is underway

He is one of the most memorable literary characters ever, and the most popular lawyer in TV history, but what the new remake focuses on HBO it is rather his origin story. Let’s talk about Perry Mason, its Sky Atlantic in binge since Friday Sept. 11 all 21:15, whose namesake protagonist is a WWI veteran with post-traumatic stress disorder, an alcoholic with a broken marriage and deep relationship difficulties. The eight episodes of the series, already renewed for a second season and produced by among others Robert Downey Jr. e Susan Downey, therefore rework the legendary figure of the lawyer in the novels of Erle Stanley Gardner, offering a darker portrait than ever.

The story is set in 1931 Los Angeles, animated by the frenzy following the years of the Great Depression, and in which the newborn Charlie Dodson is kidnapped and killed. Perry Mason (Matthew Rhys), used to living for the day and making ends meet with his precarious job as a private detective, is hired by lawyer EB Jonathan (John Lithgow) to discover the truth about the horrible story, also manipulated for political purposes and whose repercussions shake the entire city.

Although tormented by memories of the war in France and the failure of his marriage, Mason finds himself increasingly immersed in the case and involves his friend Pete Strickland (Shea Whigham) and EB assistant Della Street (Juliet Rylance). The matter tickles even more the curiosity of the media when the proximity of the parents of the murdered child emerges at the Radiant Assembly of God, led by the evangelical preacher Sister Alice (Tatiana Maslany).

In the cast of Perry Mason on Sky Atlantic are also featured Nate Corddry e Gayle Rankin, Matthew and Emily Dodson respectively, parents of the murdered infant; Seeohnica falcon as Lupe, Mason’s casual lover; Lili Taylor, who plays Birdy McKeegan, Sister Alice’s mother; Andrew Howard ed Eric Lange as detectives Ennis and Holcomb. It’s still Robert patrick as Herman Baggerly, the millionaire member of the same church as the Dodsons who hires EBe Mason to investigate the case, while Stephen Root plays District Attorney Maynard Barnes.

The series, praised by a large section of US critics – and in particular by IndieWire, that defines it a luxury noir as well as probably the best TV series ever made -, is now revealed to the Italian public with eight weekly appointments. Perry Mason will air on Sky Atlantic every Friday from 11 September at 9.15pm. Moreover the series will be available immediately and in full on Sky Atlantic itself, on demand and NOW TV. This is the link to the official trailer.


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