Personal assistance in Bremen-Findorff (2) at PDB in Bremen


Are you looking for a meaningful job in which you can support other people in shaping their lives in a self-determined and independent manner? You can get involved with the needs of other people and are not afraid of contact? Are you open, interested and willing to learn? Then it’s time for you to get to know us!

As a large nursing service in Bremen, we offer various outpatient living, supply and care options for physically disabled and elderly people. Personal assistance is our offer for everyday support for people with a physical disability. Together with a small and trained team of helpers made up of permanent reference persons, our clients can master their life at home despite severe physical limitations.

We are looking for someone to assist a 68-year-old man who lives in Bremen-Findorff

Assistant (m/f/d) for people with physical disabilities on a 520 euro basis.

Part-time employment (up to 30 hours per week) would also be possible through assignments with other clients.

You will be deployed on the morning shift, which takes place from 8:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. (minor adjustments are possible here by arrangement). The services are charged both weekdays and one weekend per month. Please note that our company is subject to facility-related COVID-19 vaccination requirements.

Our client had a traffic accident many years ago. At that time he suffered a severe craniocerebral trauma, which is still having an impact today – for example through a limitation in his cognitive abilities and through premature aging processes.

After a longer stay in hospital, the physical abilities should now be strengthened again.

Despite the serious underlying illnesses, our client can communicate well and organize everyday life with his assistants. Nevertheless, he is dependent on extensive support, especially in the areas of mobility, personal hygiene and housekeeping.

For him, clear agreements and a jointly negotiated everyday structure are very important. He reacts sensitively to disregard for his autonomy, since he then feels a severe loss of control due to his illness. If the other person succeeds in getting involved with these “rules of the game” and the “chemistry is right”, you meet an approachable, creative man to whom the well-being of his assistants is very important. Many of his assistants have been with him for several years.

Your tasks

Mainly you support our clients wherever they need it in their everyday life:

  • in personal moments, e.g. dressing and undressing, personal hygiene, going to the toilet, transfers
  • in the structuring of everyday life
  • in the household, e.g. cleaning the apartment, doing laundry, tidying up
  • on the go, eg when shopping and running errands

your profile

You do not need any previous experience or qualifications. We will teach you everything that is important for your work. But we wish that you

  • do not be afraid of extensive nursing activities, because these will make up the majority of your work
  • respect the needs and limitations of our client
  • Approach your work with openness and interest
  • Enjoy working with other people
  • Bring reliability to your team and your clients
  • are physically and mentally resilient

our range

As a founding member of the collective agreement for care in Bremen, we signed the nation’s first collective agreement for care. This enables us to offer you attractive framework conditions:

  • an hourly wage of €14.94 gross
  • in addition, surcharges are paid for Saturday (1:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.: 25%), Sunday (25%) and public holiday work (135%) as well as short-term help (25%).
  • Annual special payment in November
  • 6 weeks vacation
  • comprehensive training
  • Company health management (including courses, leisure activities, hands-on programs)
  • Extensive training opportunities (e-learning and face-to-face courses)
  • Regular team meetings and specialist consultations
  • a friendly atmosphere and a supportive working atmosphere


Have we piqued your interest?
Then we look forward to receiving your application:

Parity Services Bremen
– Martina Nowak (Operations Manager Personal Assistance)
Except for the grinding mill 55-61
28203 Bremen
Tel: 791 99-799
E-Mail: [email protected]
If you would like to send us your application by e-mail, please use a pdf format for your documents.