Personal digital health insurance for a new generation


The health sector, only in Spain, represents an expenditure of more than 100,000 million euros, including public and private health. A figure that goes up every year, so without a doubt citizens care about being healthy.

Elma offers a digital health insurance, personal, simple and for a new generation, which is born in the middle of a new paradigm within the current health system. And it is that more than 25% of Spaniards have private medical insurance – almost half of them being families with adults under 45 years – despite having the option of accessing free public health. In addition, almost 20% change insurance every year. Data that clearly indicates that something is not working quite well.

Even so, Spain enjoys one of the most valued health systems in the world, reaching the number one position in public health. But with healthcare being the highest expense we make as a society, and being the one that grows the most every year, this sector must demand a capacity for innovation and improvement like that demanded from other sectors. And health insurers should be part of it. But the reality is that today the sale of insurance is a very intermediate process and the insurers are very far from the end customer.

Digital functionalities

For all those reasons the creators of Elma, Miguel Anton Y Albert Malagarriga, they realized that they had to reinvent the insurance industry to solve that situation. Not only to place the insured at the center of the health system, but to resolve through the innovation, small aspects of your health. How? Following different studies, they realized that there was a tension between wanting to be healthy and not doing it because of laziness, lack of guides, accessibility, and so on. And all respondents acknowledged that if they could, they would like to take more care. Therefore, they developed digital functionalities that eliminate the frustrations of their members in the face of a situation of illness or discomfort. From facilitating access to online prescriptions to talking to the personal doctor in just 2 clicks from any device, instead of spending endless hours waiting in an emergency room.

His vision is to create a health microsystem that helps people to be healthier or stay healthy, and to make access to health easier in case of need or illness. Elma It has been proposed to reset the way in which medical insurance currently works.

Elma is reinventing the insurance industry proposing a solution that places its members at the center of the health system and advises them

As if it were a modernist work, its founders were inspired by the famous architectural work of Sant Pau Hospital, designed by Lluís Domènech i Montaner to create Elma. And although the architect did not manage to build the entire original project, it is believed that the reason for the orientation is that Domènech i Montaner wanted to take advantage of the wind from the sea to ventilate the hospital and safeguard it from diseases. It is also believed that Montaner oriented the entrance in a way that broke the grid structure of the Eixample district, since he did not like it. And he traveled half the world seeing hundreds of hospitals in order to inspire his design.

And it is precisely at the Hospital de Sant Pau where Elma has its own team of doctors. Because in this insurance, the insured have their personal doctor that takes care of them when they need them, whether via chat, video call or call. In the event that the personal doctor of a mobile app user is not available, any of the team doctors can access the history that he has been generating through his previous consultations.

Thanks to its technology, the anonymized data is audited by the entire medical team more frequently and granularly than the hospital centers. Offering much more accurate and safe results.

“When an Elma doctor treats you, they actually treat you 10. Since your case will surely be reviewed several times by other doctors on his team. Think about the typical summer otitis of your children, a mosquito bite on vacation in an exotic country where nobody speaks English or in the pain of urine infection. Situations of urgency or recurrence, which require an immediate review. That if you also combine them with the fact that, under the rigor and autonomous decision of the doctor, they can make you a prescription to avoid an emergency room or avoid several visits to specialists, Elma can offer a unique and unmatched service& rdquor ;, says Albert Malagarriga, co-founder of Elma.

Adoption of good habits

They also have a medical staff of more than 23,000 specialists, and a search engine in which to find the right service and specialist on each occasion. Elma also has a team of assistants who solve via chat and at any time any doubt related to the policy, services included, the medical staff, and who manage appointments or medical tests.

Very interesting are also the options they pose for your 'app', 100% proprietary technology, which brings health to all the teams of the companies and helps the employees really perceive an effort on the part of the company to help the team stay healthy. They work with human resources teams in health campaigns to maximize the adoption of good habits through 'webinars', health challenges to prevent, face-to-face visits by doctors and other media.

These are just some of the services Elma is creating, a young Spanish technology company of 25 employees, to transform the way we interact with healthcare.



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