Personal Initiative Perform Covid-19 Detection Test, Need or Not? – From the results of research recognized by the World Health Organization (WHO), the corona virus can spread through the air or airborne.

The official statement that Covid-19 can be transmitted by air makes people need to be more aware of this disease.

The reason other than spreading through dropets or saliva and touches a contaminated surface, the corona virus can also be transmitted through the air.

Moreover, the case of corona virus infection in Indonesia is still relatively high and has not reached its peak.

While the only thing that can make sure someone is free of corona virus or not is to do a swab or PCR test.

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But is it necessary to undergo an independent test to find out whether Covid-19 is positive or not?

Not all compulsory tests

According to IDI Covid-19 Task Force Chief Zubairi Djoerban, someone who frequently travels outside the home is not required to undergo a Covid-19 detection test.

“Do you have to? You don’t have to, but can you? It’s OK,” Zubairi said when contacted (11/7/2020).

Zubairi said that those who were required to undergo the test were someone who was suspected or had a positive possibility or who had contact with a positive patient Covid-19 in order contact tracing.

In addition, people judged to be required to undergo tests include health workers, people who travel abroad / out of town, and those who are required by the agency / institution to do the test.


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