Personal letters in songs and poetry / Day

Song album Letters handwritten finewhich came out of the publishing house Lazy under the wing, as if new, although recorded two years ago. Almost like a wine that has existed for a while, waiting for its time. “Two years is nothing, because the songs on the album have been accumulated for a long time. One of them – There are such people – I wrote in the words of Imants Ziedonis at the age of 18,” comments Raimonds Vazdika. “While studying at the time, I played it for playwright Paul Putniņš, and he asked me to play ‘that beautiful song’ again.” May 14 in Riga at the Palace of Culture Northern Lights R. Vazdika invites to his anniversary show, musical one-act I long for a long tram, but in the second part of the event – to the presentation of a solo album.

Raimonda is both the songwriter and the main performer in the album, there are also duets with Ieva Akuratera and Nauri Brikmanis. Arrangements of all songs were created by Ilze Grunte, many musical associations participated in the recording. Life above the roofs participants: Arnolds Kārklis, Mārtiņš Linde, Uģis Vītiņš, Dace Vītola, Nauris Brikmanis, Artis Gulbis, Ivo Stankevičs-Skrips, etc.

The story of the name of this musical meeting is interesting Letters handwritten fine. “The source of inspiration is a specific letter from the relatives of Aglona. It was in a very beautiful handwriting, on many pages. It was so touching that I write and share my feelings and wishes. I do something similar – I write, I tell you how the name seemed very appropriate, “says R. Vazdika. She writes poems by hand on a piece of paper, on a napkin in a cafe. The words are scratched and deleted in search of the right ones. Only when the poem reaches the book is it printed on a computer.

“The CD format is like a reference point, such a tangible thing, where there is also a book with information, my thoughts, lyrics, photos. The edition is a meeting with myself, because I happen to what happens to me,” explains R. Vazdika. You can also listen to the album Spotifybet YouTube viewable song A fairy tale, To my guardian angel and Time window video versions. While the album was waiting for the presentation, new songs have arrived. “Maybe I won’t be so productive anymore and I won’t have 14 compositions. It’s important to share each new recorded song in the future,” says Raimonda. Due to the event, it most often sounds in her head Time windowand this will start the show I miss a long tram. R. Vazdika is a versatile artist, and it is not easy to formulate what dominates her – actress, poet, songwriter. “Maybe ‘actress singer,'” she sums up.