Personería requires EPS Salud Total to improve service

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The District Office, headed by Angélica Ávila Goldfarb, made a strong call for attention to Total Health EPS to immediately correct certain behaviors in the care of its members.

This urgent request by the Public Ministry is given by the constant complaints and complaints by the users, who have manifested delays in the delivery of medications, in authorization of procedures and non-compliance in judicial decisions.

The Ombudsman also states that in the midst of the pandemic by COVID-19, the EPS response has not been timely, and therefore requires that the response time of telephone lines improve (they take between two and three hours per call when they are answered, after countless attempts).

Likewise, it warns delay in taking samples from suspicious patients; delay in taking samples at epidemiological fence; non-testing of patients with symptoms or suspicions of the virus and epidemiological fence; delay in delivery of results and delay in delivery of disabilities to positively diagnosed patients.

The Public Ministry also required EPS to render a report on three events that recently occurred in the city and that are related to the entity. The Office seeks to find out whether or not there was an alleged negligence on the part of Salud Total.

The Public Ministry indicated that if the EPS continues with said actions or omissions, it will transfer it to the competent bodies, “in order to take the pertinent legal actions to avoid harm to users.”

Total Health responds

One of the cases and the most recent was that of Mr. Walco Hernández, who died on the morning of this Tuesday in the Total Health parking lot of Carrera 43 with Calle 70, and did not manage to be attended to.

When questioned by the Ministry, the EPS, through Juan Gonzalo López Casas, president of Salud Total, told EL HERALDO that Hernández did not register requests for prior medical attention. “On June 30, the man had a general medicine face-to-face appointment, at 9:37 am, at the Basic Care Unit on July 20, which was scheduled the same day in the early hours by the member.

According to the report, at 8:40 am a family member of Hernández showed up at the care unit for the appointment scheduling and pretriage process that is carried out following the prevention and protection protocols and guidelines.

At the time of the generation of the process, the assistance personnel of the health care unit were alerted to an unusual situation in the public parking lot of the shopping center where the medical headquarters is located.

“Immediately, a general practitioner came with his personal protection elements in the public parking lot, Mr. Walco Hernández is found, who unfortunately was without vital signs,” explained the director of Salud Total.

The entity stated that in that basic care unit there is no emergency service and clarified that its health personnel were always ready to provide the scheduled services that Mr. Hernández had; however, the care was never carried out “given his unfortunate death on public roads without entering the unit.”

“We ratify that our conduct was always framed in our legal obligations,” said the president of the health provider entity.

Joint work

Mayor Jaime Pumarejo reiterated the call to the EPS to “make the best effort possible” in the coming weeks and improve patient care in the midst of this health crisis.

“Identifying a culprit during this emergency is counterproductive. It is time to unite to win this battle. We have been monitoring, surveillance and control so that the EPS comply with the stipulations, “said the district president.

Pumarejo acknowledged that this is “a difficult time”, so they have requested the accompaniment of the Superintendency of Health to “demand and ask them. This is not the time for procrastination, it is not the time for saving. It is time to invest and provide timely treatment to patients. “

For his part, Humberto Mendoza, Health Secretary of Barranquilla, explained that so far this year they have identified that the main complaints in the contributory regime are related to the delays that have occurred in the taking of samples and the delivery of results, as well as the extemporaneity in authorization of services.

The official explained that for the subsidized regime, the complaints -mostly- have been related to the same procedures for COVID-19 and delays for the delivery of medicines.

Mendoza explained that this situation could be related to “different causes”. He explained that, in the case of the EPS Salud Total, delays in the service would be related to the high number of members, while in New EPS it was related to the average age of its members.

“These situations are not an excuse for not giving a timely response to its affiliates. Every day we are holding a meeting with EPS managers to work together, seeking to provide the best care to those from Barranquilla, “explained the official.

They request report to Total Health by case Joe Urquijo

Exactly a week ago this Thursday, salsa singer Joe Urquijo, a former member of Grupo Niche y Raíces, who was diagnosed with coronavirus at the La Merced Clinic, passed away. Because of this fact, his relatives reported that they made all the requests to find him a bed in an intensive care unit and they did not succeed, so they had to resign themselves to losing the interpreter of hits like ‘Alcoba’ and ‘I’m sorry, love’, who finally he suffered a stroke in the lung and he got complicated.

As a result of this complaint, the person in charge of the Barranquilla District, Angélica María Ávila Goldfarb, as a guarantor of human rights and faced with the continuous complaints received, called on EPS Salud Total to immediately correct behaviors such as delay in the delivery of medicines, in the authorizations of procedures and the non-compliance in judicial decisions and other six points linked to the sanitary emergency derived from the coronavirus.

As for the specific case of the salsa player that emerged from the Simón Bolívar neighborhood, the person in charge asked Salud Total to prepare a report on his death on June 24, due to COVID 19, for alleged delay in assigning a bed in a hospital unit. intensive care.



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