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President Martín Vizcarra reported on Tuesday that a regulation on the urban transport subsidy will be published tomorrow so that this service continues to function. Likewise, he added that this section will include a section referring to the development of 10 million face shields, which will be distributed to users.

“SLadies and Gentlemen, we are going to make an effort to assume part of the income of the passengers who will not be able to use the transport to avoid contagion, but you have to help us respect. We ask that no passenger be stopped. Inspection will be done and if we see that there are unemployed people, then the subsidy is removedVizcarra commented.

The president, during a press conference, indicated that the mask is necessary for protection against COVID-19. However, before the start of the targeted quarantine, which begins on July 1, many people will use urban transport. Therefore, he asked that the face shields be used.

The use of face shields is also being included in this regulation, the mask is mandatory and sufficient in almost all circumstances, but when we are in public transport – since we will be on long transfers and due to the characteristics of the buses that does not allow us to be a meter away – we have to add a factor that is to use face shields“He commented.

The standard includes the development of 10 million face shields to be distributed as an initial aid to all urban transport passengers. Then there will be a subsidy, but we also have to join forces with passengers who wear face masks and face protection. The audit will be carried out“Vizcarra pointed out.



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