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An anecdote that was forged in the internal of the peruvian team in 2015 returns to take relevance today. Five years ago the ‘Bicolor’ managed to classify to the quarter finals of the Copa America, in the dressing room inca lived a festive atmosphere and in the midst of the celebration a photo turned viral. Edwin Retamoso he was the protagonist -no intention – of the commented post took Christian’s Cave in the company of Paolo Guerrero and Jefferson Farfán.

Retamoso, then a player of Real Garcilaso, he was chosen by Ricardo Gareca to cover a place in the midfield of the peruvian team. Exfutbolista natural Abancay, Apurimac, spoke with Sweeper and told details behind that particular photo that was the target of countless memes.

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“I tell you the story (laughter). We had qualified for the quarter-final at the Copa America in Chile 2015. The camerín was celebrating and we already knew that we played Bolivia. In that environment, I saw several classmates who were taking pictures,” he stated Edwin Retamoso.

“I was changing and, in that, when I raise my gaze, I see Christian Cave, Jefferson Farfán and Paolo Guerrero that they were taking a ‘selfie’. Until there everything well because I didn’t know if you had come to leave,” added the exseleccionado.

Edwin Retamoso recalled peculiar photo with Paolo Guerrero, Jefferson Farfán and Christian Cave

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“The next day at lunch, Diego Penny he comes to me and teaches me the photo. Had viralizado and had been made memes. It was a matte of laughter in the concentration. There, I said to Cave: ‘hey, between the cholos we can not do that because (laughs)”, she mentioned.

Retamoso was questioned if the picture indicted him any discomfort, that said the former player: “For nothing. I took it with good humor. There is that have a belt (laughs). That campus, which was led by professor Gareca it was extraordinary. Had a lot of respect between all. I remember when I came back to Garcilaso after the Cup, I said to Marian Bland (then coach of the box cuzco) that with those players we were going to go to the World and so it is,” he concluded.

Edwin Retamoso recalled peculiar photo with Paolo Guerrero, Jefferson Farfán and Christian Cave

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