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Peru had to Gareca many, many years The ‘Tiger’ would be deciding to stop being a coach in Peru and I have information that the next coach will be Woodcock, he pointed out during the broadcast of the television network “El Trece” last Monday night. Although this Tuesday, through his official twitterHe sought to clarify the issue.

“I clarify that for me Gareca it is unique and irreplaceable. Technically he is no longer the DT of Perubecause your contract is expired. I hope he decides to stay, although I see it as difficult. The best option would be Sampaoli, although the leadership thinks of his former collaborator, Woodcock. I have no more to say”he indicated.

On the latter, El Comercio was able to learn that there was no direct contact from the Peruvian Football Federation with Sebastián. At this time, the 41-year-old coach is not a real option for the national team’s sports management. Of course, the coach will not continue in charge of Defense and Justice once the Argentine tournament ends; that is, in October of this year. For its part, Gareca continues in Lima and in the next few days he would meet with the leaders of the FPF to solve your future.

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Woodcock He is remembered for being Jorge Sampaoli’s assistant in his adventure through Peruvian soccer. He was 22 years old when he arrived by bus, after a three-day trip, to help Sampaoli at Sport Boys, Coronel Bolognesi and Sporting Cristal. But the years go by and Sebastián made his way, now being called up for the national team.

¿Es Woodcock the technician who, in that hypothetical scenario in which Gareca decides to close his successful cycle, needs the Bicolor? How is it as a coach? Will he know how to reach the player and empower him? Will your game idea of ​​him resemble what the ‘Tiger’ got us used to? All those answers will be answered by two journalists who know him very well.

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‘Becca’ and the human factor

In January 2020, Sebastián Beccacece he made his second big leap as a coach: he was appointed to lead Racing Club, one of the greats in Argentina; after having been in Independent. Almost a year later, with many ups and downs, with a moderately positive balance (eleven wins, seven draws and eight losses), he put an end to his cycle in Avellaneda.

But beyond the results, the DT left its mark on the human side, that aspect that was highly valued in Ricardo Gareca and, according to experts, helped the Peruvian soccer player to improve himself. Because yes, the cracks born here like Christian Cueva not only need a coach to guide them on the field, but a father to guide them off.

Hernando Maderna, a journalist who covers Racing for Diario Olé, highlights the human side of Beccacece. He “he left a mark on how he dealt with all the people in the club. He has a lot of contact with the players, he talks a lot with them, he empathizes, perhaps because of his age too, but he tries to be close, to be above them not only in sports but also personally, humanly. He usually talks to them,” he tells us.

“He would come to practice very early and say hello, one by one, to everyone. The goalkeeper, the maintenance guys, props, etc. From the first to the last day. Each person at Racing rescues that human factor because he was always aware of what was happening to the people who work on a day-to-day basis ”Maderna adds.

Sebastián and Sampaoli were also at Sporting Cristal in 2007. (Photo: GEC)
Sebastián and Sampaoli were also at Sporting Cristal in 2007. (Photo: GEC)

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Boost Technician

Defense and Justice is the club where Sebastián Beccacece more time was as main technician. And where he did very well: he won the Recopa Sudamericana against Palmeiras, two-time champion of the Libertadores. He did very well because, according to Néstor Lamagni, journalist and producer of Radio Municipal de Florencio Varela, the city where the club was founded, he is a player “enhancer”.

“For me, Sebastián is the best coach in the history of Defense and Justice. Beyond the numbers, he placed players in the Argentine national team when they were playing for the club, something that should be highlighted: Lisandro Martínez, today at Ajax, and Domingo Blanco”start your analysis.

“But he has also been able to promote players who were rejected by other teams. Alexander Barbosa, who made inferiors in River Plate, is an example. And he also knew how to get from the quarry. Nicholas Stefanelli is a case. He was sold to AIK in Sweden where he has been doing things very well”Add.

Among other names that may arise is that of Enzo Fernández, the River Plate youth squad who went to Defense and Justice to have minutes. Today, already consolidated in Marcelo Gallardo’s team, he has everything ready to go to Benfica in Portugal once the season is over. That little jump in the ‘Halcón de Varela’, together with Beccacece, served him at the wheel to even be seen by scouts from Real Madrid, Juventus, Manchester United and other top clubs in Europe.

“He’s a coach who feels comfortable with players who don’t have as many names, whom he can mold more to his idea”Maderna points out. That virtue of finding water in the desert is what is needed in a country like Peru that has only one footballer (Renato Tapia at Celta de Vigo) in a top league on the Old Continent.

Foreign sales of DyJ
with Beccacece on the bench
Club Transfer cost
How much is it currently worth?
According to Transfermarkt (euros)
Lisandro Martinez Ajax (Netherlands) 7 million 32 million
Nicolas Stefanelli AIK (Sweden) 2 millions 1 million
Miguel Merentiel Palmeiras (Brazil) 1.3 million 2.5 million
Carlos Rotondi Blue Cross (Mexico) 3.8 million 3.5 million

game idea

One of the things that has characterized Beccacece as a coach is his idea of ​​an offensive, proactive game, with possession of the ball as the best argument to harm the rival. An aspect similar to the Gareca philosophy that has made us so competitive, taking us to a World Cup and a Copa América final.

“He is a coach who likes vertical, intense, aggressive football, but it is not that he only thinks about the rival goal and behind it he becomes unbalanced. It is, shall we say, offensive without being extremist. But the intensity and the high pressure are things that characterize it”nos says Hernando Maderna. “He always proposes. It doesn’t matter on which court, he wants his teams to be protagonists “adds Nestor Lamagni.

That yes, Maderna, points out that Beccacece “does not have a mother scheme”. Namely, it adapts a lot, it changes according to the players it has. Against Boca Juniors in the 2020 Copa Libertadores, for example, he ended up playing with a line of five defenders.”. “He has tried 4-2-3-1, 3-5-2 and 5-3-2; but beyond that, it stands out that he always knew how to beat the greats ”agrega Lamgni.

A “giant killer” could be said. That is Sebastián Beccacece, the coach who seems to be the “Plan B” of the Peruvian team. A 41-year-old coach who could give a breath of fresh air to any team or club he manages.