Peskov responded to Nuland’s statement about 18 scenarios

Russia is waiting for a response from the United States on security guarantees

Russia, like the United States, is considering different scenarios for further action, but there are fewer of them than the United States, Peskov said.

The Kremlin commented on the words of US Deputy Secretary of State Victoria Nuland about 18 scenarios for Washington’s actions in the event of a Russian attack on Ukraine, TASS writes on Monday, January 17.

“Of course, in the context of the current situation, of course, Russia is thinking about how to ensure its own security. We know from Ms. Nuland that the United States has 18 scenarios. We are also considering different scenarios. We believe that in fact there should be many more less, because the formulation of the question is extremely correct in our country… The question asked is extremely direct and extremely concretely formulated,” said Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation.

According to him, in such matters the task is not to “make difficult what, perhaps, is not so difficult.” “We hope that, as our American interlocutors have already said, this week they will be able to formulate something in writing,” Peskov added.

Recall that last week a series of negotiations between Western countries and Russia on security guarantees took place. The Kremlin considers the negotiations unsuccessful.

It was also reported that the United States did not expect breakthroughs from negotiations with Russia. Washington is ready to continue dialogue with Russia on security guarantees, but this will depend on the situation around Ukraine.

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