News Pesky Iguanas Florida City cost $ 1.8M in Emergency...

Pesky Iguanas Florida City cost $ 1.8M in Emergency Repairs – NBC 6 South Florida


Invasive iguanas that enter the soft dirt around an aging dam protect a Florida city cost $ 1.8 million in emergency repairs.

Employees noted last year that the water was passing around the edges of a thirty-year-old weir which controls water delivery in West Palm Beach, which was reported by the Palm Beach Post.

“The piling sheet was getting old enough and needed to be replaced, but excavation by the excavated animals such as iguanas was more vulnerable,” said Poonam Kalkat, a public utility director for West Palm Beach. “I can’t say how much the iguanas caused because it is an older structure, but they certainly made the situation worse.” T

Green Florida’s green green population has exploded as their numbers decreased in the last cold spell in 2010. They have become huge for popping pool swimming and hooligans on ornamental landscapes, leading to a cottage industry. experts involved.

They are also becoming an issue for agencies in charge of hundreds of thousands of canals that administer water across South Florida, said William Kern, associate professor in the entomology and neurology department at Fort Lauderdale University Research and Education Center. Florida.

Kern said to the newspaper that women’s delicacy takes fences to lay their eggs. If the holes are in the bank of the canal, it can cause erosion, and eventually the whole parts will decrease.

Iguanas began digging a new bore in February and March to lay their eggs, he said.

“The owls are the beginning of the problem,” Kern said. “It is now a case of being established.”

West Palm Beach is contracted by Murray Logan Construction in April for emergency repairs. An additional cost application submitted in August includes $ 8,500 to install more materials to “prevent excavated animals from making holes or tunnels.” T

The material, known as Geogrid, is used to prevent corrosion, but Kern said that it is still being added to the projects to protect against iguana holes.

Kalkat said the city is reviewing its stormwater control structures to find out if there is iguana damage, and discussing ways to manage the city’s iguana population.

“Some people suggested spraying water on them, but they like the water,” she said. “Someone suggested composing CDs, but iguanas and all their families are sitting beside the CDs.”

Although this winter’s explosion may stagger the iguanas – the cold-cold reptiles are disinfected when temperatures go far below the mid 40’s – the cold is unlikely to be cold enough to kill them.

The 2010 dice included a period of 12 days of coldest temperatures since at least 1940, according to the National Weather Service.

It was also cloudy for a few days in a row, which meant that iguanas could not be interfering with the sun to raise their temperatures, says Kern.

Homeowners who want to prevent digging the boys should fill with dirt or rocks and then cover them with heavy plastic or chicken wire.



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