Pesticides, space waste, gardening, animal intelligence … Our environmental articles of the last seven days

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Gardening. Urban areas leave more and more spaces to land. A short overview of possible practices. Read our "Land of Actions" column.

Animal Intelligence. World Animal Intelligence Day, organized in partnership with the City of Science and Industry, was held on Saturday, February 2nd. Experts and amateurs have exchanged around the same observation: animals are far from stupid. Our article.

Podcast. The exploration media "Les Others" has just closed the first very successful season of its podcast Les Baladeurs. Read our recommendation.

Interview. A few months away on a mission to Antarctica, biologist Emeline Pettex analyzes the consequences of climate change for marine biodiversity, particularly at the poles. Read our article.

Pesticides. The Assembly on Thursday discussed a proposal for socialist law to better support the pathologies of farmers exposed to plant protection products. But the government and LREM want to limit its scope. Our article.

Space waste. Above our head, a growing number of debris in orbit. Their concentration begins to seriously cause problems. This phenomenon is explained to you with an infographic.

Pesticides bis. On Friday, CheckNews answers an environment question. This week: What pesticides are allowed in organic farming? Read our article.



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