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Pete Buttigieg, 'Mayor Pete', officially announces his campaign to be the Democratic candidate in 2020 | Univision Politics News

SOUTH BEND, Indiana.- Pete Buttigieg officially launched his campaign for the presidential nomination of the Democratic Party for the 2020 campaign, marking the new stage of a political phenomenon that began three months ago and has generated great attention throughout the country because it is a young man 37-year-old mayor who aspires to be the first gay candidate of one of the great parties.

"My name is Pete Buttigieg. They call me Mayor Pete. I am a proud son of South Bend, Indiana, and I am running for president of the United States. " said the now pre-candidate, who is better known as "Major Pete" (Mayor Pete) because of how difficult it is for many to pronounce his surname.

Buttigieg made the announcement from the old building of the missing automotive Studebaker, in the south of the city that governs for eight years.

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The mayor highlighted the symbology of the venue to criticize President Donald Trump's campaign slogan as a nostalgic trap and point out that "Nothing that includes the phrase 'again' can offer solutions" for the future.

According to the mayor's campaign, the place of the event had to be changed due to weather issues, since a snowstorm was predicted in this area of ​​the country.

Despite this, dozens of people who could not enter the old industrial warehouse to reach the maximum capacity allowed by local firefighters, defied the cold rain and subsequent incipient snowfall in front of a giant screen placed in one of the parking lots.

"More than a little daring"

"I recognize the audacity to do this as a millennial mayor of the Midwest, more than a little daring, at age 37, try to occupy the most important office in the country," said Buttigieg, to which the audience responded with shouts of " Pete, Pete, Pete. "

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A small group of less than a dozen supporters of President Donald Trump with signs saying "Let's make America great again" was also gathered in front of the building, but they dispersed before the ceremony began and we journalists could talk to them. to know his criticism of the now candidate.

One of the police officers who guarded the facilities told Univision Noticias that "it was understandable that they left, considering the cold that he is doing" (about 30 degrees at that time of afternoon).

Last minute decision or not, the place is doubly symbolic. It is an area full of old industrial buildings of red bricks, many of them in evident state of abandonment, of companies that represented the industrial power of the region until half a century ago.

The area has been renamed the Renaissance District because of the plan developed by a private initiative in coordination with the city and universities to adapt many of these buildings to new technology and service companies.

One of these 20 Democrats could be the contender for Donald Trump (photos)



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