When "Saturday Night Live" returned from a short break, pop culture fans had a question: would the show directly address the public disconnect between Pete Davidson and Ariana Grande?

After all, the couple's whirlwind romance was one of the hottest stories of the summer for those who wanted to get out of politics. The fans were obsessed with following every detail of their commercials, from the matching tattoos, to the song she wrote about him, to the baby pig they adopted. When they broke off their engagement, the same fans naturally stared and ate every detail.

But one question remained: would SNL tackle the split? After all, the premiere of this season was pretty obsessed with the couple. Davidson appeared in the "Weekend Update" segment and described the relationship with fellow hosts Colin Jost and Michael Che: "Do you remember when this whole city faked the child as Batman because he was sick? That's how it feels. "

In addition, the promos for Saturday's episode seemed to be about the speed with which Davidson and Grande got engaged. In the short ad, Davidson turns to musical guest Maggie Rogers and says, "Hey Maggie, I'm Pete. Do you want to get married? "

The show could then have disappointed the hunger for celebrity gossip.

Davidson appeared on "Weekend Update" to convey his impressions of various politicians who have applied for office. The first reference to Grande was oblique. Davidson said he paid more attention to politics since he had to "retire with my mother". He and Grande had moved into a $ 16 million apartment together.

Throughout the segment, he made jokes about various political statements – such as that the deputy Peter T. King (RN.Y.) looked as if "a cigar would come to life" – and Grande only mentioned his appearance at the end of the year , But instead of joking, he wished his ex the best.

"The last thing I'll say is that some of you are curious about the split, but the truth is that it's nobody's business," he said, adding, "Sometimes it just does not work and that's okay. She is a wonderful, strong person and I sincerely wish her all the luck in the world. "

The fact that the show had nothing to do with the breakup was a bit of a surprise, but the real surprise was that Grande released a new song just before the start of SNL – and mentioned Davidson by name.

The song is titled, "Thank you, next," and Grande thanks her exes throughout the game and says what she taught or what she meant to her. About Davidson she sings: "Almost married / And I'm so thankful for Pete." She also mentions her former Mac Miller, a rapper who died at the beginning of this year at the age of 26. He wished I could thank Malcolm / Because he was an angel. "

Later in the song, she sings, "One taught me, love taught, and one taught me, pain," and I'm so amazing. "It's unclear to whom each line relates.

If there is something to take away from Saturday, it could be that the story of Davidson / Grande has finally taken place. The two seem to be in agreement and – with these two statements in the world – to go on. It seems they are getting the rest of the world to join them.


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