Péter Hajdú fell hard for Peti Marics

A Frisbee his latest guest Kölő Babett I will be a star in Star! one of the jury members – in connection with this, the star jury of the Sztárban was also discussed, in it Marics Petivel.

Photo: Zoltán Nagy

Péter Hajdú did not hide his opinion:

“I think it’s embarrassing for everyone when a twenty-year-old starts judging a more experienced, much bigger singer. I know this is show business, but it’s embarrassing for everyone…”

he said on the air.

“I think that Peti Marics would also have had a place among the cast… Is the winless two-year-old twenty-year-old there? Let’s not watch it for that reason, go as a contestant, especially in this type of show!” – he added, when Babett Köllő informed him that Peti Marics still competed in the previous season and even came second.

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2023-06-03 18:01:22