Baby pleasures for rock star Peter Maffay. The musician and his girlfriend Hendrikje became parents at the weekend.

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This beautiful message confirms the management of Peter Maffay, after the first "Bild" reported about it. The 69-year-old's partner gave birth to a girl last weekend.

Peter Maffay has been with the 31-year-old Hendrikje Balsmeyer since the end of 2015. She worked as a teacher, now she is employed by Maffay's agency and thus always at his side. It works well, the cult musician said in March to the "Express": "We both enjoy it, it's wonderful, that's why we chose it and it works." He also said about his sweetheart that she keeps him young. "I want to be with her until I'm all." Now even a little daughter crowns her love.

Peter Maffay and Hendrikje Balsmeyer: They are now parents of a daughter. (Source: imago / Stephan Görlich)

He also did not completely rule out a wedding in the interview. For Maffay, it would be the fifth. "If that would not be fun, we would not be together, if that fits, I say, why not ?!"

Peter Maffay and the love
Maffay married for the first time in 1975. The marriage with Petra Küfner lasted until 1979. Two years later he remarried, adopted with his second wife Chris Heinze a daughter, Nina. The separation followed in 1986. The third wedding then in 1990 with Michaela Herzog. Divorced in 2000. He quickly got together with Tania Spengler. He married in 2003. The two have their son, Yaris, split in 2015. In the same year, Maffay and Hendrikje became a couple.



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