Péter Poór: My pension is ridiculously low, I can’t even pay my bills

That’s why he keeps performing.

The 78-year-old singer told Blikk the other day, Poor Peter. The Péter Máté award-winning performer says that if he didn’t have concerts, he would be in serious financial trouble.

Few people believe it, but I work more than in my youth. I teach, give concerts regularly and am constantly full of new projects. Thank God, I can handle the spin, and I’m glad that I have a job, because it also took a toll on me financially when I couldn’t go to performances because of the epidemic. Like many other performers, my pension is ridiculously low. I don’t want to say a specific amount, but in my case it barely exceeds HUF 100,000. I can’t even pay my bills with this meager income. Of course, I try to remain optimistic and trust that this may change, because I don’t feel the current situation is fair.

Poor is trying to prevent the criticism that he would receive on social media on the subject, adding that he paid the pension contribution properly.

I can’t officially prove this, but under socialism I paid pension contributions and other taxes properly, but the National Director’s Office and the company organizing foreign performances kept these funds, and they did not announce that I had an employment relationship. So it looks like I haven’t worked in years and it shows in my pension.

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2023-05-25 08:08:00