Petition Dresden Zero started – Local Agenda Dresden

The Local Agenda is the first to sign the Dresden Zero petition. Find out more about the subject of the petition here and learn more about this initiative for a liveable, safe and sustainable Dresden.

Our future depends on an intact earth. Global warming threatens our future. From a global temperature increase of over 1.5 °, further warming can potentially no longer be reversed by reducing greenhouse gas emissions and our climate changes irreversibly. In order to limit global warming to 1.5 °, the measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions must be accelerated and climate neutrality achieved by 2035 – also in Dresden.

As already mentioned in another post on our website, the City of Dresden is currently updating its Integrated Energy and Climate Protection Concept (IEK). It speaks of the city’s climate neutrality before 2050. For Dresden Zero and other environmental actors, such as the Advisory Council for Environmental Issues (SRU) and the Wuppertal Institute, this time limit is not ambitious enough. That is why the Dresden Zero petition formulates the following request.

With this petition we therefore urge the City of Dresden, represented by Mayor Dirk Hilbert, to sharpen your climate protection goals and anchor climate neutrality in the IEK by 2035!

For the petition, please click here!

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