Petkov set unfeasible conditions for forming a cabinet

PP categorically excludes the possibility to talk to ITN

Kiril Petkov set unfeasible conditions for the formation of a second cabinet with the mandate of “We continue the change” (PP). He does not intend to give up a leading position in the future composition of the draft cabinet – a condition set by the ITN. He made it clear that he did not intend to work at all to support ITN – neither for the first nor for a possible third term. However, Petkov does not think this means elections, because he believes he will attract more MPs to his cause.

All this became clear today from his statements to journalists. Petkov is expected to resign from the government tomorrow, after which he will start the procedure for handing over the mandates.


The definition of stupidity is for them to overthrow the government and now we have to tell them “to sit at the table again.” We knew that leaving the government was because of these BGN 3.9 billion for roads. people “, Petkov commented to BNR. He reiterated that he would not talk to Slavi Trifonov, like Borisov, Peevski, Kostadin Kostadinov, but this time he added Toshko Yordanov to the list. Petkov repeated several times that he could not work with people who were trying to steal, and even host Silvia Velikova had to warn him that there was a presumption of innocence. He said he did not know in advance about ITN addictions. Finally, he stated categorically that he would not conduct any negotiations with ITN – neither for support for the first term, nor in the event of the third term being given to Trifonov’s party.

“This does not mean that we are going to the elections. We will continue to negotiate not with parties, but with deputies. We have shown that our doors are wide open,” Petkov added. Asked under what conditions he is ready to resign as prime minister, he said it was not available at the moment.

“We have a dialogue with the DB and the BSP,” Petkov added. The PP’s partnership with the DB in a future coalition was 100% secure.

“I have a dream – to see a government that is concrete in front of the players behind the scenes. If I can hand over the post to such concrete, I will gladly do it. But if some behind-the-scenes players who want to steal public funds tell me,” If one day I have to hand over to Nikola Minchev, to Asen Vassilev, knowing that the government that is being formed and the National Assembly behind it is impossible to break through, this will be the biggest a pleasure for me, “Petkov said. “The people who have a problem with me, with Asen Vassilev, are the people who stood in their way to spend this money in the old way,” Petkov added. He acknowledged as a mistake of the PP only the lack of good enough communication with the voters so that they fully appreciate the battle with the backstage.


Petkov also commented on relations with Rumen Radev: “My last sharp remarks against the president were on the following basis – when you have a vote of no confidence and a proposal that protects the Bulgarian interest (For Northern Macedonia – ed. Note), when on the same day as prime minister I am fulfilling my promise that this will go through the National Assembly, that you will take a sharp stance against us, although there is no point in that … – the feeling was – “what does this president think at this moment, does he not see that there is political instability” “It was surprising and startling. If someone is mistaken that we can be someone’s people and do something against our will, it can’t happen. I expect a more responsible position when we are at political risk for the whole nation.” .


A little later, Petkov spoke to other journalists. When asked by BNT, he explained that the PP leadership has so far discussed proposing the same draft government. He hinted that there would be a party meeting on the subject tonight. Asked that the ITN people could not be re-elected, Petkov said he did not want to talk about individual ministers until he received the support of independent lawmakers. After a while he fired at Toshko Yordanov: “He cannot make even one step or one statement without the permission of Slavi Trifonov. Unfortunately, we will not be able to talk to him either. But we are ready to talk to everyone else. “


“What the Bulgarian government has done so far is very clear – we have not had direct exports from Bulgaria to Ukraine in any way. We have exports to our traditional partners – countries in the European Union. But such a direct transfer: Bulgaria – Ukraine, no “. Such was Petkov’s comment on the export of Bulgarian weapons. The topic became topical after his statement to the Guardian a few days ago that Radev’s caretaker government would stop exports.

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