Peugeot 308 PHEV GT Pack

It suits such a beautiful car like dirt when it starts completely silently. The fine maneuvering with the fast-geared steering wheel and the carefree gliding make it an experience as if we were not even there in the parking lot. People’s mouths don’t move at the sight of the polish anyway, and then all you see are spinning heads in the mirror as you pass them.

The 308 has a fairly solid, well-put-together feel, but it feels a little overweight due to the hybrid drive. He weighs 1,633 kilos, which is not much, but exactly 200-250 kilos heavier than what would be healthy. Here, the progressive suspension doesn’t remove the weight either, which is not bad at all, I’m sensitive to it, so it’s hard not to mention it.

Olivine green paint is standard price, even the white one is extra expensive

The 308 and the 225 horsepower are cheerfully and quickly running up and down the parking lot, and the acceleration is not bad either. A roundabout is coming, I grab the little toy steering wheel with both hands. Suddenly it’s better, then a little left movement, and nothing dramatic happens, even though I haven’t even taken off the gas. I sit low, the seat hugs me, the Michelins hold me, the chassis supports me and the bodywork doesn’t twist for a second. This is a well put together car.

I have 54-55 kilometers electrically, which is quite a lot, but I’m not giving up on it. If it were possible, I would only drive it this way, because the character of the electric motor is very good, and its power is more than enough. It doesn’t even bother me that sometimes I can feel it shifting, because even then the gearbox packs the gears. It’s clever, but there’s no big trick in driving an electric car, the hybrid system is interesting when it has to put together good consumption, and Stellantis’ system never did that.

Don't just look at your consumption!  – Peugeot 308 PHEV 66

The emblem has been thoroughly changed, it suits the 308 very well

A 180-horsepower turbo engine starts every now and then and carries more than 1.7 tons with the driver. Not a difficult task, but it costs gas. Don’t even dream about the factory consumption of 1.2-1.3 liters, and the 308’s consumption of 7 liters according to refueling can be said to be a blessing after the consumption of 8-9 liters of the 3008 and Grandland X from the same system. All that matters is that we drive a lower car.

This system is also not the most stable during operation. It jerks when starting the engine and also when switching from electric to petrol. With such a quiet interior, with a car that can be controlled with such small movements, every little mechanical jolt seems bigger. The system is strong, you can’t argue with that, it makes big strides when you step on the gas pedal, and if the GT emblem already shines on it, then go for it. But it’s still a hybrid with not the best response time, it takes a few back and forth pings to get real throttle response.

Thus, sportsmanship quickly wears out of enjoyment, at least as far as the use of strength is concerned. Because the 308 goes great with momentum, which you can definitely be happy about if you avoid decelerations and accelerations due to the attention to consumption.

Don't just look at your consumption!  – Peugeot 308 PHEV 67

It’s a great city car, but it’s not small for a traveler either