PFI | International Relations of the Popular Front; From UAE, Qatar and Oman to Turkey, Pakistan and Bangladesh

Serious allegations are coming out against the banned Popular Front of India (PFI). Top intelligence sources have received more information about the Popular Front’s international links with terrorist organizations.

105 people, including top Popular Front leaders, were arrested in raids at 100 centers in 13 states on Thursday. According to information provided by intelligence sources, the Popular Front was found to have links with three front organizations in Gulf countries namely India Fraternity Forum (IFF), Indian Social Forum (ISF) and Rehab Indian Foundation (RIF). Also, some information has been received regarding the direct involvement of the Popular Front in anti-India activities abroad. Of these, the IFF and the ISF are organizations that raise funds for anti-national activities in the Middle East. According to related sources, the IFF is the most powerful link for raising funds for the Popular Front in the Middle East.

Operation of Popular Front in UAE

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) is often visited by religious leaders from Kerala of organizations such as Jamaat-e-Islami (JEI), PFI and its units Social Democratic Party of India (SDPI) and National Development Front (NDF). Mainly Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Also Emirates India Fraternity Forum (EIFF), Indian Cultural Society (ICS), Karnataka Chapter etc. are working as fronts of Popular Front in Dubai.

Operation in India

Popular Front launders black money in India through hawala transactions. They are also managing real estate. Hailing from Chavakkad in Kerala, Saifu has been found to be running a real estate business in Abu Dhabi. Popular front villas and flats were rented for long periods at low rates and partitioned and re-rented at higher rates. Another business of Popular Front was ‘Rent a Car’. It has also been found that they had made a huge investment for four years.

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Relations with Saudi Arabia

ISF and IFF are the two best fronts of the Popular Front. On the pretense of providing help, they trap Indians during the Hajj pilgrimage. These organizations collect huge funds and usually remit a large part of it to India through hawala, gold smuggling etc. They also send funds through e-wallets in the name of legal aid and community support.

Operation in Oman

The Popular Front operates under the umbrella of the Social Forum (SF) of Oman, along with the ISF and the IFF. This is the relationship with Oman. NDF, the Kerala arm of PFI, is also working in Oman. Along with this, NDF spread radical ideas through Tarbiya and gave Rs 44 lakh to Popular Front through hawala. Illegal activities have been detected through SF, ISF, WFS and WSKA. A prominent leader of NDF and PFI, Ashfaq Chaikinakath Pooil, is collecting funds for this purpose. It is also clear that the money was sent directly to the Rehab India Foundation.

Relations with Turkey

The Popular Front has also been able to establish ties with Turkey. The Popular Front was established in Turkey with the help of Indian students. For this they sent Indian student Naushad to Turkey to do his PhD at Sabahattin Saib University. Funds are being collected from Turkey through him.

Operation in Kuwait

The Kuwait Indian Social Forum (KISF) is actively working for the Popular Front there. Funds are collected through annual subscription. All these funds are mainly used for Muslim purposes. With videos of some selected acts of violence or the Babri Masjid collapse, they incited their rich Kuwaiti employers to progressive extremism.

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In other countries

Apart from the above mentioned countries, Popular Front also has ties with countries like Bahrain, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Maldives, Bangladesh and Mauritius. 500 million was sent from Mauritius to PFI to spread communal hatred in Uttar Pradesh after the Hathras gang-rape. In the Maldives, Hindus and Christians were framed on false blasphemy charges and sent back to India.

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Meanwhile, following the arrest of a PFI cadre from Lucknow, Bangladesh-based outfit Jamaat-ul-Mujahideen Bangladesh (JMB) was found to be conducting blast training in India. The investigation also found that the Popular Front had a conspiracy to attack important places in India. Anzad Badruddin and Firoz Khan were arrested by the police in this connection. Weapons have also been seized from them.

But most of the leaders of the Popular Front were already found to be operatives of the banned organization SIMI. There is also an allegation against the Popular Front that the youth of the country were encouraged to join terrorist organizations like Lashkar-e-Taiba and IS.

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At the same time, in the documents seized from them during the inspection, it has been stated in the NIA report that they have found evidence of targeting the top leaders of some special groups.

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