Pfizer boost after CoronaVac increases antibodies 20-fold

Research carried out in Uruguay has the participation of 200 volunteers and will continue to monitor the immunity levels of those vaccinated over time

A booster with Pfizer’s vaccine increases the amount of antibodies against Covid-19 by up to 20 times in people immunized with the full CoronaVac regimen.

This is, according to the news from the newspaper Jovem Pan, which the preliminary results of a study carried out in Uruguay since March point out. The investigation has about 200 volunteers from the Pasteur Institute, one of those responsible for the research together with the University of the Republic.

Of those volunteers, 53 took the two doses of CoronaVac and the booster of Pfizer. The volunteers participating in this study had four samples of antibodies collected: the first before the start of vaccination; the second 18 days after the second dose of vaccine; the third 80 days after the second dose; and the fourth 18 days after the third dose of Pfizer.

The 20-fold increase in the amount of antibodies was recorded in the comparison between the second and fourth samples. According to Jovem Pan, the researchers will continue with the collections to find out how this increased antibody load will behave over time.

Since July, Uruguay has announced the third dose of Pfizer for those who received CoronaVac. Currently, 24% of the country’s population has already received three doses against Covid-19.


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