Pfizer Campaign Helps (Com)Live With Metastatic Breast Cancer

To mark October, the month of Fight against Cancer, and contribute to the demystification of Metastatic Breast Cancer, Pfizer Portugal will be on the air with the campaign “EU & O CANCRO DA BREAST METASTATICO”, ​​an initiative that aims to help (with ) to live and understand the disease.

The campaign is centered on the site Eu eo Cancer of the Metastatic Breast and will be advertised online, on Youtube, on the network of Mupis in Lisbon and Porto and on ATMs, all over the country. On the website Eu eo Cancer of the Metastatic Breast there are themes as distinct as diagnosis, treatments, emotions, health, relationships, choices and resources. Dedicated to people with metastatic breast cancer, it helps them to understand the disease, through information, and contributes to their integration into the post-diagnostic society. It can be visited at

In addition to the website, in Portuguese, the campaign provides a guide with more than 120 pages which, like the website, provides answers to the most pressing questions related to diagnosis, treatment, emotions, health, relationships and work. The guide also offers the possibility, over several pages, to record notes, questions and feelings, as if it were a diary.

“Information reassures us, allows us to make informed decisions, gives us power. The website and guide will make a decisive contribution so that women understand that, despite the disease, it is in their hands to determine how they want to live their lives”, says Susana Castro Marques, Medical Director of Pfizer Portugal.

For this campaign, Pfizer has the support of associations: Ame e Viva a Vida; Best friends; Association of Women with Breast Pathology; AVOID, Mama Help; Bald Power; Sharing and Care; Live Live Woman.

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What is Metastatic Breast Cancer?

Much is known about breast cancer, the most common cancer among women, but few know the challenges and needs of those living with the disease at a more advanced stage. Metastatic breast cancer is referred to when the disease has spread beyond the primary tumor, in this case the breast, to other parts of the body. In these cases, as with other chronic diseases, the person will have to (com) live with cancer forever.

Scientific advances have presented us with more and more treatment options, which provide a longer and higher quality life for many patients. As they are, in most cases, people of working age, whether at a professional or family level, support and their (re)integration into society after diagnosis is essential. A period in which access to information is crucial.

October 13th | Metastatic Breast Cancer on video

To mark the 13th of October, Pfizer Portugal employees are once again telling stories based on real cases of Portuguese patients. An institutional video with the aim of sharing a new perspective on the quality of life that patients with Metastatic Breast Cancer can have.

The video brings us inspiring stories from four patients diagnosed with Metastatic Breast Cancer. In this initiative, Pfizer Portugal employees give voice to the different realities and experiences from the first day of diagnosis to the time of treatments.

The challenge was to create an informative video with a positive perspective on the quality of life that is possible to exist. It is Pfizer employees who tell the stories because these patients are too busy enjoying life.”

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