Pfizer: Corona medicine will be available on this date

And Pfizer, the giant of the American pharmaceutical industry, announced last week that the drug “Baxilvid” showed its ability to reduce the risk of transferring “Covid-19” patients to hospitals or the death of many adults by 89 percent.

She said Britain had ordered 250,000 units of the new drug that treats “Covid-19” patients.

Osborne told the British “Sky News” network that following the clinical trials conducted on the drug, the company is working with health authorities around the world, especially in Britain, regarding the approval of the new drug.

The official at Pfizer expected that the vaccine would be registered in the coming weeks, and that it would be available as early as 2022.

Osborne revealed that the company is working at a great pace in the production of the drug, as it did with the vaccine, so that it is ready to meet the requests for the drug in the event that approvals are issued by the competent authorities.

Clinical trials conducted on the drug “Paxlovid” showed that those who took it decreased their hospitalization or death by 89 percent after a month of taking the drug, compared to others who took a placebo.

Less than 1 percent of patients who took the drug needed hospital treatment, and none died.

The participants in the trials were non-immunized people with mild to moderate infection with “Covid-19” and were considered to be at high risk of health problems they face, due to obesity, diabetes or heart disease.