Phao Thong Thongjua opens the old treasure trove Live to sell to fight the crisis of Covid 19. Get past. Desperate. Not saving money.

Ajarn Phaothong Thongchua opened the 3rd Life Group to sell treasures, bringing rings, necklaces, plates, bowls, and Buddha images for sale. Customers make reservations quickly accepting the past recklessly Did not save money

called the COVID crisis 19 Affects a wide range of people Even scholars such as Amphoe Phaothong Thongchua still have to come out live to open a dungeon to sell old treasures at a tangible price. which from the opening of the live sale at that time There are many customers coming to support each other. Press F for fun.

Until the opening of the live again for the third time on June 25, 2021, which ranges from jewelry such as ruby ​​rings, jade necklaces, bracelets, prices ranging from thousands to tens of thousands. including Buddha statues A monk from a neighboring country, which is what the teacher said is true. Called the teacher picking up anything, the customers responded quickly.

by Ajarn Phaothong said that coming to live and selling treasures I have to say that since the covid period Having money saved up is very important. The past may be complacent didn’t keep the money But at this moment, I think I should have a lot of savings. In case of not knowing what to expect in the future