Pharmacy Giraudeau – Donating blood saves lives

As summer approaches, we don’t think of thinking about vacation and relaxation rather than giving blood. Yet 10,000 donations are needed every day to save a million sick people each year. For yourself, your family, your neighbors or your colleagues, it is important to donate blood when possible.

Blood donation in many forms

We talk about donating blood, but we can also donate red blood cells, platelets, and plasma. Each can be done independently thanks to apheresis techniques – a technique that separates cells -, the rest being returned to the donor. In 2016, nearly 1.6 million donors and still as much need.

Who can donate?

An adult between the ages of 18 and 70 can donate blood on the obvious condition that he does not endanger himself and that he does not endanger the transfused. Thus, your donation will be refused if you are less than 50kg, if you have had a transplant or transfusion, if you are anemic or iron deficient, if you are pregnant or if you have given birth within 6 months, if you have had fever in the last 2 weeks, if you have had dental treatment within 24 hours, if you have had an operation (including tattooing and piercing) in the last 4 months, if you have heart pain after exercise, di you have more than one partner in the 4 months or if you know of risky situations with your partner, if you have taken intravenous drugs, and if you have traveled to certain countries in the last 4 months … An interview with a doctor or a specialized nurse is carried out in predon and will validate the good conditions of the blood donation. Men can donate up to 6 times a year and women up to 4 times. Between two blood donations, a minimum period of 8 weeks must be observed. Finally, if some measures are final, you should know that 80% of postponements to donation are temporary. The candidate for the donation can therefore come forward again after having respected the postponement period.

Do not hesitate to consult the EFS document on contraindications to donation

Where to give?

The EFS and associations of voluntary blood donors organize regular blood drives throughout France, in public and also private places, such as large companies. In addition to detailed information about blood donation, you will find the collection card on the EFS website. If you too want to support blood donation, be a volunteer with an association or be a donation ambassador! Information on


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