Pharrell Williams pays student loans to six black fans

The “Happy” hitmaker surprised some of his fans and took a huge financial burden off their shoulders.

surprise succeeded
GRAMMY-winning rapper and producer Pharrell Williams surprised some students in mid-June 2022 and attended the NAACP’s event [übersetzt: Nationale Vereinigung zur Förderung farbiger Menschen] part. Appropriately, he spoke personally to some of his fans during the panel discussion in Washington, DC and brought them good news:

Pharrell Williams himself will help them financially and take over all student loans.

“Pharrell changed her life forever. Student debt continues to plague the black community disproportionately and destroys opportunity for so many black people,” said Wisdom Cole, the NAACP’s national youth and college director, in a press release, finally addressing the US President: “It’s about time that To reduce racial wealth gaps, it is time Biden lived up to his promise.”

Cole’s words were a reference to Biden’s 2020 campaign pledge to largely reduce the national student debt. To date, he hasn’t bothered with that aspect, more than 43 million Americans continue to try to reduce their combined $1.6 billion in federal student loan obligations…

Pharrell Williams, meanwhile, put a smile on the faces of all the students whose loans he has already paid off.