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Philippe Etchebest, a favorite of "20 Minutes" users

Philippe Etchebest in season 10 of "Top Chef". – Marie ETCHEGOYEN / M6

  • Season 10 of "Top Chef" has started.
  • We asked the Internet users which member of the jury they prefer.
  • Philippe Etchebest is plebiscite by the great majority.

The big winner this year is … Philippe Etchebest! Of the four members of the jury of Top chef, it is he who wins the most votes from Internet users 20 Minutes. While season 10 of the M6 ​​Culinary Contest began on February 6th, we asked you which of the four members of the jury you prefer.

The Michelin-starred chef and best worker of France began his fifth season on the show, while continuing to animate in parallel Nightmare in the kitchen. Why such a success with the public? For his strong character and his outspokenness, you can imagine. "It's authentic," says Sandrine. "He has an incredible aura," Patrick adds. I met him at a restaurant near my house and I was so impressed that I did not even dare to say hello to him. "A big mouth, certainly, but above all a" great professional, "says Martine. "I like his way of motivating and encouraging candidates," says David, recalling his role as brigade leader. Above all, behind this rugby player (he played in the French league) is a "soft heart," in the words of Jessica. He is impressive but we can see that he loves his team. He jostles them a little at times, but always for their good and their evolution, and always with the heart. He says things candidly. "

Because Philippe Etchebest does not win 100% of the votes, here are the reasons why the other three chefs are appreciated by the public.

Michel Sarran

The Toulouse leader forms a true comedy duet with Philippe Etchebest. Where his true fake rival distributes verbal uppercuts, Michel Sarran is more rounded. TV rival of Philippe Etchebest, the Toulouse chef is above all appreciated for his kindness and sweetness. "He's a real, nice and genuine guy," says Laurent. "I think it is with him that I would like to learn," said Mélanie.

Hélène Darroze

The feminine touch of the jury With her, "it is sweetness, sensitivity. Exit the good old quasi-military authority of the old-time kitchens, "says Algar. "She has a lot of respect for her competitors," adds Fernande. "She is adorable and very endearing," Jessica concludes.

Jean-François Trap

The two-star chef has been a member of the jury since the very first season. "His fluid reading of the kitchen fascinates me," Eric writes. In him is read the passion, the hours spent testing, making mistakes and taking the story humbly. "It's an iron fist in a velvet glove," adds George. For the first time this year, Jean-François Piège will lead a brigade. "We'll see how it goes," waited Jean-François.

To conclude, we could not leave you without the play of words of Marie, which you will appreciate the quality: "Difficult to decide between them, they are all at the top (chief)"


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