Honestly, I have not understood the meaning of this phrase by Jean-Luc Mélenchon. The first six months of a presidency are always favorable to the new elected and in addition Emmanuel Macron has a majority very wide in the national Assembly. He had, therefore, a priori the elbow room. Except that he believed he had a highway in front of him, and that things do not go exactly as he hoped. The French have found that the president does not live definitely not in the same country as them. It speaks to the privileged and to the other it asks for flexibility and efforts.

The events have never been in our minds the only way of mobilization. We have always walked on two legs : the protests and the industrial action in companies. It is this that sets us apart from the CFDT. We believe that it gives you the confidence to socialize with employees of other professions. You can’t rely only on action in the companies even if they are also very important.

We will organize the resistance against the enforcement of orders in the companies. For this, our priority is to train activists, to explain the dangers of the reform by focusing on the points which concern them directly. For example, as the primacy of the company-wide agreement on the contract of employment – it is our reading of what will happen, I persist and sign, it said : beware of the consequences that you might sign. At Smart, they were not able to transfer any of the employees who refused the modification of his employment contract. It is finished.

Another example : the drastic decrease in the number of the elect ; and of course the merger of the EC and of the CHSCT. We call on our militants to refuse the absorption of the CHSCT in the Councils social and economic.

Nothing is impossible if the relation of force is there. That may be the government against a majority agreement ?

Yes. There are already companies who say : “We are not going to change everything “.

I respond that we value our independence. The criticisms heard for decades on our lack of independence vis-à-vis a political party – the communist Party – I confirm that we are right to rely on the Charter of Amiens of 1906. I just got back from ten days in Latin America, where I could see that the confusion between the trade unions and policies is no guarantee of optimum efficiency. Each has his place. Our unionism must be concrete. And this concrete, the employees start at the touch of a finger on the reform of the labour Code. They are very attached to their collective agreement and look closely at the company-level agreements. They are not going to be disappointed…

On the balance sheet, it is clear that a union movement divided is less effective than a unionism kingdom. But I am satisfied with the mobilization of the officials and successes by the road and the employees of the ports, which should make oil stain in the other professions. I also note that Force ouvrière claims to have avoided the worst, not to have ripped advanced, this is not the same thing ! For the following, we will see.

You got to be kidding ! The unemployment does not drop virtually no, and we don’t watch enough of the other categories as the ” A “. Precarious jobs and the small jobs are multiplying and the whole policy of Emmanuel Macron aims to import in France this type of job as found in the anglo-saxon countries and in Germany. Well, the CGT said no. She said no to the job at any price. The only question that interests us is knowing if you can live with what one earns with his work.

This is a camouflage and a political decision to be wrong. It is important to know the developments on a monthly basis.

Where is the grain to grind ? There is a reform that is not talked about enough, which will have disastrous effects not only for employees but for current retirees, which is a first : one of supplementary pensions Agirc and Arrco. The change of mode of calculating the value of the point can have catastrophic effects on the active and the retired.

On the training, the government wants to target the young dropouts. But the subject is much broader, too many employees have not had training in the last twenty, thirty years. The inequality between men and women is also a huge problem. We do not agree on his desire to assign the responsibility of training the unemployed for the regions and the learning to professional branches. The logic must remain national, and global, particularly on the diplomas.

Let’s make the employees of GM & S : if they need to change the sector, it is not their branch that’s going to help them. Contrary to what think Emmanuel Macron, working drawing, or in a foundry, this is not the same thing. We are also advocating in favour of a joint financing between large and small businesses. The large should fund the hiring by the small apprentices that they do not keep. It should also enhance the function of tutor in the company, including the level of pay.

I see that the government is starting to rétropédaler on the subject. The risk is great that it turns against the people, or they leave their employment without perspective or that they would be forced to resign. Our priority is to look on the revenue side. Equality of pay between men and women would greatly increase the revenues of social security contributions. The second track is déplafonner contributions to the unemployment insurance (now, the cap is 13.076 euros per month, editor’s NOTE).

The benefits also. It is self-evident.

We’ll see but we’ll probably have discussions on the obligation for an unemployed person to accept a “reasonable job offer” (ORE). Emmanuel Macron is but I told him and I will say it again, that offer to the employees of GM & S to The Underground to do two hours of transportation to find another job, as he has done, is not ” reasonable “. This seems to me to be more serious than the formula that has made the buzz. “Fuck the shit” is an expression banal.

No. It shows the finger a few cheats to make people forget that half of the unemployed are not compensated.

of course. If the trade unions do not take into account the diversity of the world of work, they were worried. In many institutions, there is not a single colour jacket, the employees of subcontractors are many. It is necessary to speak to them also. But this is not because the unions are mortals that it is necessary to sweep the fundamentals of the trade union action. The issue of working, which the CGT has taken hold the past few years, is a major challenge. This is a point on which we are left with the CFDT and we could do things together on the subject.

I didn’t boo. There are words that we pronounce in assemblies CGT that react to certain. As for François Chérèque, I was present at his funeral.

Not at all. Is it excluded any of our meetings, inter-trade union ? There are disagreements of substance with the CFDT, but there are subjects on which we could work together.

The agreements thoroughly with FO, it was the rejection of the law El Khomri. And what are the consequences of the orders if I have understood the declaration of the NCC of the working class.

I think that is in the continuity of what it has built on many subjects, but as always this continuity is also the reflection of a reality that is not the same as in 1992 or 1995.

This is logical : François Hollande, had entered into an agreement referred to electioneering with environmentalists, but without verifying that it was technically possible. As long as we do not know how to store renewable energy (solar, wind), you can’t go massively nuclear. We are for an energy mix.

We have been looking for a partner, as it has been done at Airbus or Bombardier. This operation is capital-intensive is both pointless and dangerous for the future of the French know-how and jobs.

Carlos Ghosn has made of the external growth, it has bought companies. It has shattered the employment, deteriorating working conditions and put a lot of pressure on the outsourcing. And this in all countries of the world. It is a model that is not for me neither efficient economically nor efficient socially.

we need a ban on this substance as soon as possible from the moment it is dangerous. Profitability may not always prevail. We evolved on the environmental issues, but it does have to do wear the hat to the employees.

The CGT remains a place where there is a lot of debate, and where opinions are different and I try to have a spirit of synthesis.

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